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to control any column I choose by selecting the appropriate value for "nth-child". Styling a Table Row with CSS.The tricky part was setting a separate style for the rows whose first td used a colspan attribute, and then selectively styling the following td as well. CSS Tables and colspan. Hello I am not sure if this message has got through the technical problems, so I take the liberty to send it again - I apologize for the case it worked and just nobodyIn the end your div.colspan is still wrapped in a cell whose width depends on the overall width of table and cells. HTML CSS. MySQL. Perl CGI.Combining colspan and rowspan. [View full width]. CSS.colspan is an attribute of the tag. It tells the browser how many columns one cell of a row should span. It is used with multi row tables divided into multiple columns. Sometimes IE7 gets it right. An example of this would be when you have a td with a CSS property of width: 100px and apply a colspan of say 3. colspan is a TOTALLY different animal. for starters it cannot be set with CSS.my problem is.are not they mean the same thing here ? can anyone please simplify this concept ? Yes, a cell can have both width and colspan. table tr td:first-child:not([colspan"NUMBER OF COLSPAN"]).

width:100pxI could do that but Id need to override a lot of styles. The example I provided was just for simplification but in reality Id have around 20 css styles on that first column. but it seems impossible to simulate a COLSPAN with CSSsome idea???I need to do such, since tags table tr and td are not allowed and need a table where some cells (if done with table tr and td tags) has colspan and rowspan with different values . The above code will merge two Cells as one Cell horizontally.Colspan (Column Span) merged Cells horizontally that is from left to right. The default value of Colspan is 1 .CSS. JavaScript.Width and Height. Table background. weve implemented every property in CSS 2.1 and are closing in on our goal of complete support for the CSS 2.

1 specification by the time we release.If youve had experience building layouts using HTML tables, youll be familiar with the use of the colspan and rowspan attributes of the td element. I have used the style attribute and the value "width:40" as an example, but ideally, you should have this in your stylesheet fileYou use the attributes colspan and rowspan to merge cells.You dont define columns in HTML tables, but instead you use the element to define the individual data cells. but my question is how can we merge cell in css with display like colspan in table tag.You could also cheat and use a colspan in your div but thats invalid code.div class"bordertopcol tableheading rowtopbotpad borderright" style"width:530px">Project Name, then one of the HTMLCSS solutions below is better. mwcz Mar 8 10 at 19:31.can a td have width and colspan BOTH ? what does it mean ? Using CSS to apply background colours and images is a much better option. For example, to set the background of a cell to yellow, you would write this CSS code: td background: yellow colspan. Pay attention, now, because this one is tricky. With the advent of CSS, tables have become less favoured.colspan - The number of columns the cell spans rowspan - The number of rows the cell spans.The same system can be used for individual cells, e.g. Content.