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However, the HDMI port that the same units have supports only 30 frames per second. Conversion of the 4k 60 fps signal from DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 requires an active adapter and these have not been available until this day.Will be interesting to see how well the adapter works. This HDMI to DisplayPort converter can save you time and money. It works seamlessly with your existing setup when connecting a new source or display, eliminating cost by ensuring that you wont need to change or upgrade your main components. The HDMI to DP adapter offers So I bought an adapter (DVI-D dual link male to VGA female) and it is not working. Any ideas?DisplayPort is also compatible with HDMI. In these motherboard you can only do 2 displays if you use 1 of the digital ports and the VGA. Generally speaking, you need an ACTIVE displayport to HDMI adapter to use additional monitors. I dont even know why they sell the non-active versions as they never work. DisplayPort-to-HDMI adaptors and DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters are very simple and only operate one way.I tried the HDMI to DP adapter - it didnt work! These DisplayPort dongles allow you connect an HDMI or DVI video display to a DisplayPort video source (e.g.DisplayPort video cards, etc.), eliminating the expense of having to upgrade your display for DisplayPort compatibility. These are not just simple adapters but active devices that reproduce On the HP 8460w laptop in the HP advanced docking station that I mentioned earlier, the three monitors did not work until I got the active adapter.1. The first two monitors can connect to the graphics card with any display output on your product: HDMI, VGA, DVI or DisplayPort.

1 x Display Port Male to HDMI Female adapter. Supports conversion from DisplayPort signal to HDMI. HDMI input: up to 1080p.How Do HDMI Cables Work? Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter w/ Audio Support Product Number: 5311. and it works purfectly on my MBA with the Sharp TV. It is not worth for 4, but if you must, look in your about this mac, or your System Utility display if it shows the monitor/tv you just connected. Displayport to hdmi not working - solved - graphics cards, i have a sabertooth z87 motherboard and i m using the onboard graphics an hdmi cable is going to my pc monitor which works and a displayport to hdmi cable to my tv.Thunderbolt hq display port dp to hdmi adapter cable for. The cable doesn t work for my monitor eitherRecently I bought a new T, want to use the displayport port connect with my HDTV using displayport to HDMI adapter HDMI line to my TV. This adapter will allow you to use a device with mini displayport (like Macbook Air) with your HDTVs HDMI port, and it includes audio.

Please Note: due to current Apple limitations, the audio will not work over HDMI on Apple computers. Basically, the DisplayPort is the newest digital connection to fill a void where only DVI and HDMI used to be the only two digital players.I bought a passive adapter cable and it worked. Sometimes it will and sometimes it wont. EDIT: So the mini-displayport jack is at least functional. I can use an adapter to the VGA to DVI cable.Ive swapped cables with other equipment, and they work fine. I purchased another HDMI to mini-DisplayPort and that didnt fix it. For now, as a means of trouble-shooting, just try ONLY the DP-to-HDMI adapter/cable from TV to GTX 960 and see if that is actually working or not.Why cant u just use HDMI-to-HDMI? DisplayPort is nice but it really is designed more for when u need to do 120/144Hz HDMI on newer GPUs allow I just got a displayport to HDMI adapter for the MBA.Well, this one didnt work either. Im wondering if the Thunderbolt port is bad or if there is some setting somewhere. Last year, I got a Displayport to HDMI adapter for my 5 year old Dell Latitude laptop. I plugged it in and plugged an HDMI cord from the TV to the adapter and it worked with no problem. Works with HDMI enabled computers with 4K such as the HP ChromeBook 14 and DisplayPort enabled monitors and projectors.Look for StarTech Branded Packaging to ensure you are getting a genuine StarTech product. Whats in the Box. 1 - HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. DisplayPort-to-DVI or DisplayPort-to-HDMI passive adapters will NOT work for this configuration. These adapters only work from DisplayPort output to DVI/HDMI input, not in the reverse configuration. Our laptops would connect using a HDMI to Display Port adapter. The only laptop we are having problems connecting to these TV monitors is the HPThe Display Port on this laptop works fine if we connect to a Display Port monitor using a Display Port to Display Port cable but once we plug a TLDR: Stick to DisplayPort, which works great, and do not buy a USB-C HDMI adapter (even Apples own Digital AV Multiport Adapter) unless you know it works. And dont count on 87W USB-C pass-through charging working with any adapter. Picture: Typical HDMI connector very solid, high-quality cable: 2 Does your TV have a HDMI port?The solution? Buy an adapter that can convert HDMI signals to DisplayPort. I went with this one from HP and it works quite well for me. I just got a mini displayport to hdmi adapter that I ordered from dealextreme and it does not work. The adapter had very good reviews and not one review said it didnt work. When I plug in the adapter (with or without a hdmi cable attatched to it) to my macbook Displayport to HDMI adapter does not work Video Desktop Dell DisplayPort to HDMI dongle not working YouTube. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.Click here to PS www.facebook.com/pages/TheAppleGossip/ http://www.apple.com/macosx/recovery/ http://www.apple.com/support/mac/facetime/ http://www.ifixit.com/iPad-Parts and Mac parts You may email me at mayray40Yahoo.com Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician VGA is working but HDMI DVI ports are not working - I also have demonstrated the Encore Mini Display port to HDMI adapter toI saw the Rosewill Mini Displayport Male to HDMI Female Adapter on sale at Newegg so I bought one and tried it out with my Surface 3 and it works great! DB:4.20:Hp Probook 6460b Display Port Hdmi Adapter Not Working f8. Original Title: Displayport not working.The Lcd Is 32",It Has Hdmi Port.On A Web People Say That Some Mini Displayport To Hdmi Adapter Isnt Work Well Or Not Workin.Is There Any Adaptor That Works 100? I have purchased several cables and adapters to try to make this work but nothing. I have tried Dual Link DVI from PC to HDMI to Display Port on monitornothing.Other DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI cables require DisplayPort as the source (which is why some cables have not worked for you). The HDMI2DP DVI or HDMI to DisplayPort Converter converts an HDMI, DVI or Mini DVI input signal into a DisplayPort (or Mini DisplayPort) output, eliminating the cost of upgrading your source device hardware or purchasing a new display.1 - Universal Power Adapter (US/UK/EU). 6.99. Belkin Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter Its been working for around 3 weeks now, with no problems.

Mini Display Port DisplayPort DP to HDMI Adapter Cable For MacBook Mac Pro Air See more payment instructions in postage and payments section. HDMI, Displayport, DVI, VGAThis video will show you how to fix the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter error. I was trying to connect my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cord and for some reason it wouldnt work. Is it possible to get 144hz with HDMI/DVI adapter on my 144hz monitor?Max. is 120hz720p for PCs/Notebooks (havent tried if 144hz lower resolution works). 144hz1080p with (mini-)Displayport or Dual-Link DVI only. As my graphics card only has 1x DVI, 1x HDMI and 1x DisplayPort, I connected the first monitor directly with HDMI and the second monitor from HDMI to the DVI port with an adapter.Or should I use a HDMI female, DVI male adapter (with HDMI cable)? Which one works, or both do? hdmi to displayport adapter. By Maybach123, January 12, 2016 in Displays 11 replies.why would it not work? Because reasons i dont know. Displayport is somewhat different. HDMI source to displayport Monitor doesnt work. When an external monitor was connected to the computer Displayport via the VGA port on the adapter, the computer screen kept flickering, which is abnormal. I used the minidisplay port adapter to connect to an external projector using a VGA adapter from a friend (3rd party). Everything was fine.No one is working. Blank display always and HDMI dont produce sound either. Cable Matters Gold Plated Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Male to Female Adapter Supporting Eyefinity Technology 4K Resolution is working fine with my Asus VE247 Monitor - 1920 x 1080, 23.6" monitor. Setup Laptop HDMI out --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> HDMI to DP adapter --> Monitor DP in Doesnt Work! The computer HDMI cannot send a signal to a monitor DP. Computer DP can always send a signal to a monitor HDMI. That is why you see so many DP to HDMI cables. The adapter claims to support Dual-Mode DisplayPort (which means it has support for DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI passive adapters), so I decided to test that out just to see if it was true, and in fact it does work with both DP to DVI and DP to HDMI passive adapters. I bought a displayport to hdmi adapter, but there is no signal found.Computer DP out to monitor HDMI in should work. What specific video out ports are on the computer and what video in ports are on the monitor? when i conect a dvi or hdmi from my gtx 780 to my acer H274HL Monitor all works fine but when i want to connect display port cable on my gtx 780 and t.I use this adapter on my GTX 970 graphic card: j5create DisplayPort To HDMI Converter JDA154 by Office Depot OfficeMax. Ah bleep, I have had the adapter in a box for the last few months because I couldnt get it working and forgot, its actually DisplayPort to DVI, not HDMI. I cant try with a different monitor sorry. HDMI to DVI works like a charm. (cheap ones too). Already tried it on many devices. Youll have the video part of the hdmi converted without trouble. No quality loss. Dont know about hdmi to display port. An HDMI cable is going to my pc monitor, which works, and a Displayport to HDMI cable to my tv for XBMC. No signal is detected on the tv. Ive tried updating the intel drivers and I even just bought an active displayport to hdmi adapter to make sure its not the passive cable. Unlike many 4K DisplayPort to HDMI adapters that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, this adapter works with HDMI 2.0 displays that can deliver output resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160p at 60Hz. The HDMI to DisplayPort Converter provides functionality that is not supported by other adapters that are designed to connect the DisplayPort output of a device and to a display which accepts an HDMI input.Rated 5 out of 5 by Rob from Works great. Most HDMI-to-DVI adapters should "just work" (but, IIRC, they need to be the correct " DVI type").Joined: Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:40 pm. Location: Bognor Regis UK. Re: HDMI to DVI adapter not working? Quote. The VGA cable works constantly and can be hot swapped in. Im confused on why this wont display through the HDMI port could the DVI to HDMI adapter be broken? I only bought it today. Yeah, I think youre trying to adapt from HDMI output to DisplayPort input. Wont work. There may be an active adapter, but I suspect it would be prohibitively expensive. If the monitor has native DVI/HDMI in, just use that. I just purchased a Moshi Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter to use with my 2008 Macbook Pro to watch movies on my TV but its not working.

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