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Please note that there are some charges for processing Kenyan passport which can be paid using mobile money, Credit and Debit Cards as well as onlineSelect your desired mode of payment and pay for passport processing fees. Download and print the form and three application receipts. Ombi la kutaka paspoti ya kenya application for a kenya passport.12,000, Mutilated passport Sh. 10,000 and EA pass-port Sh. 900. This fee must be paid in cash or by bankers cheque and an official receipt issued. Form-19-Application for Kenya Passport Application for Temporary Permit Photography Guidelines.From now citizens will have to fill the application form online, pay the passport fees via MPESA beforehand and then download and print the filled application. - REGULAR SERVICE FEE (12 working days) - EXPRESS SERVICE FEE (8 working days) - URGENT SERVICE FEE (4 working days). 75. 115. 150. 2018. Specific visa requirements for kenya. You must put these items in the application package: 9 - original passport More "kenyan passport application" pdf. Advertisement.ROYAL NORWEGIAN EMBASSY CHECKLIST C VISA Date: SURNAME, NAME Kenyan ID card, Receipt of Schengen Visa application fee 18. From there on, Visa application to Kenya goes online.

SC-Passport and Visa is currently working to create an online Kenyan e-visa processing option to assist our customers. FEES. Processing Time. 2-3 business days 5-7 business days. 7. A dual citizen who holds a Kenyan passport and a passport of any other country shall be entitled to use any of the passports held for entry into or exit from Kenya.(a) accompanied by the prescribed non-refundable application fee, where applicable Make your desired Kenyan passport Application. There are three different forms you choose from adult (FOR PERSONS OVER 18 YEARS ONLY)Steps of application. Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form. Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees. PASSPORT APPLICATION - Kenya.

Kenyan passports.Kenyan passport application steps, passport application fees, waiting time and all documents needed for successful application. Circumstances in which the Department of State will generally approve issuance of a second fee passport are whenPlease ignore pages one and two of the printed instruction pages, as they do not apply when submitting your passport application in Kenya. Fees. Kenya Passports. 1. New Passport. 55.3. Application for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. 110. 4. Registration of a Kenyan Child Born Abroad. 15. 5. Application for a Duplicate Birth Certificate. Kenyan citizens wishing to apply for a passport, travel document or emergency certificate can do so at the nearest Kenyan Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.Credit cards are not accepted. If you wish to pay for passport application by bank transfer, the relevant fee is to be transferred into the Application letter Current Original passport Two colour copies of second generation Kenyan ID Two colour copies of Kenyan Birth Certificate Two copies of fully and correctly completedo Copy of flight Itinerary. o 1 recent studio passport-sized photograph taken within the last 6 months. o Visa Fee. Whatever you choose to do, here are the steps to take. Fill Out a Kenyan Passport Application Form (PP1).A self-addressed return envelope for new passport with fees for FEDEX, Express Mail, Priority Mail or Certified Mail. Washington Express Visas provides expedited Kenya visa services and Kenya passport processing to the Kenya Embassy.However, you can also fill out and submit your application for free (excluding embassy fees), by visiting the Kenya Embassy website. Application form filled, dated and signed by applicant 2 passport size photos with a white background, uncovered head and no spectacles PassportThe fee for transit and short stay visa is 60 Euros, and must be paid upon submission of the application, in cash and in Kenyan Shillings only. Kenyan Passport fees. A series (32 pages) Ksh. 4,550.7,550. Availability. The Kenya Passport will be available for collection 15 working days after successful application. SHARE. Completed visa application forms. Two passport size photographs. Valid passport (other nationals except Kenyans, must have valid re-entry pass).Payment of visa fees in Kenyan Shillings. Passport Fees. Find your fee in one of three ways: the Fee Calculator, the Fee Chart PDF, or the Fee Charts below.All child applicants, including renewals, must apply in person. Application Fees and Execution Fees are paid separately. Kenyan Passport Application Fees.The Kenyan Government through the Kenya Immigration Department have legislated that all applicants are required to fill and complete Form 19 (Fill-able online) as the Kenyan Passport application form. Kenya passports are issued for a period of ten years and are non-renewable. Children are not endorsed in their parents passports, but parents must apply for their childrens own passports on the prescribedClick here to download passport application form, parental consent form list of fees. Form-19-Application for Kenya Passport Application for Temporary Permit Photography Guidelines.passports, travel documents or emergency certificates Click here to download passport application forms list of fees. The applicant is also supposed to pay Passport fees via mobile money as instructed in the application form. Kenyan passport fees are as follows. A series (32 pages) Ksh. A set of Kenya passport application forms (FORM 19) duly completed, Fee: Ksh12,000/- or its equivalent in US Dollars. A minimum waiting time of four to five (4 - 5) weeks is required. C: Replacement of a valid Mutilated passport. Kenya. Please follow the steps in order for Passport Depot to expedite your application for a travel visaThis fee includes non-refundable processing and handling fees. To pay this fee, please include this payment along with Passport Depot Fees. The High Commission of India in Nairobi, Jeevan Bharati Building, Overview Passport/Consular Fee Online Application Form Other Application Forms Washington Express Visas provides expedited Kenya visa and passport Kenya Visa Application Form click here Kenyan Passport fees. A series (32 pages) Ksh. 4,550.7,550. Availability. The Kenya Passport will be available for collection 15 working days after successful application. You will have to now fill the application form online, pay the passport fees via MPESA beforehand and then download and print the filled application. Kenyan Passport Application Procedure. Below are the steps that Kenyans applying for a passport will have to follow. A Kenyan passport is a travel document required by citizens, for international travel. There are three types of passports in Kenya.Since May 2015, application, renewal, or replacement of Kenyan passports starts on an online portal. In this Video you will learn how to Create an Account on ecitizen and apply for a Kenyan Passport in a quickest way possible. Passport fee in Canadian dollars. Please attach Money Order/Bankers Draft or Certified cheque payable to Kenya High Commission as per the fee schedule shown below. No refunds will be made for applications mailed to this office with amounts over and above the indicated amount. 1. New Passport All applicants must fill three application Forms 19A. 1. Be a Kenyan Citizen.

6. Certified copy of the recommenders National Identity Card. 7. Fees for passports: A - USD 50, B - USD 70, C - USD 80. If you want to apply for a Kenyan passport, citizens now need to fill in the application form online and pay the passport fees via MPESA, Debit/Credit Card, Airtel Money or eCitizen Agent before downloading and printing the filled application. Online Application for a New Kenyan Passport - Embassy of Kenya.Green Card through Same-Sex Marriage - Immigration Save on legal fees and easily prepare your gay marriage green card application. Kenyan Passport fees. A series (32 pages) Ksh.Availability. The Kenya Passport will be available for collection 15 working days after successful application. Share this Post Child passports cost 46. Youll pay a different fee if you apply for a passport from another country. You cant get a refund if you cancel your application or youre not entitled to a passport.It costs 9.75 in addition to the passport fee. How to pay. The kenya mission will no longer accept cash payments for settling visa and passport fees.we advice that all payments are made through our ubs a/C IBAN ch 74 0027 9279 C 810 6822 0 and a payment SLIP attached to the application. Regain Kenyan Citizenship (Form 5).1. Three photographs size: 2x1 . 2. Application fees for the amount of Rs.3,000/- for 32 page passport, Rs. Required documentation and kenya visa application for tourist: Valid and signed U.S. Passport.Processing Fee: Processing and Shipping Prices Vary. Please contact our office at 214.782.9964 for exact pricing for your situation. Service Order Form If you are processing your application with us via mail, please fill out the service order form and send it along with the documents.Passport Fees Processing Times. Consular Fee DFA,Irish Embassy,Kenya,Passports. How to apply for a passport.photograph requirements. witnessing an application form. how to submit it. passport fees. Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:32:29 BST. Application Forms. The Kenya passport is issued to Kenya citizens in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and as provided for in the Kenya Citizens and Immigration Act that commenced on 30th August 2011. In addition issuance process is regulated by Legal Notice No. 64 and times are subject to change by embassies without notice vr, 02 feb 2018 21:01:00 GMT VISA APPLICATION FEES FOR KENYA - Requirements This section covers the following: Application for New Kenyan Passport/ Renewal of Kenyan Passport Replacement of lost/stolen passports do Kenya Passport Application Requirements. 03 August 2012.Photographing at Passport Control Office: Applicants are required to have their biometrics taken at the time of application. Fees payable. Kenya eVisas can be used for either tourist or business travel to Kenya. The online application requires uploading quite a few supplemental documents, such as a copy of your flight itinerary and hotel reservations.Passport Fees. Visa Fee Payable to The Kenya High Commission in either Money Order, Bank/Company Cheque or Cash. (personal cheques are not accepted).Application requirements for a referred visa. Two passport size photographs. Two sets of visa application forms duly filled (Form 22). Application of a passport in Kenya is very simple when you have met all the requirements.Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form. Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees. Fee: 60 Euros for an A-Series passport that will be valid only until 31 August 2019. All Kenyans must apply for e- passports before this date. Recommender: A Kenyan passport or ID holder who is not related to you has to recommend your childs application on the required field and avail copies of This article discusses the steps of application of the Kenyan passport as a citizen, the passport application fees, waiting time and all the documents you need for a successful application original passport () copy of all relevant pages (ID page, previous Schengen visas, etc.) - the passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the intended departure from the Schengen Area.payment or proof of payment of the visa application fee ()(where applicable)

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