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Company Setup in Hong Kong. Offshore Company Formation Incorporation. HK Company Secretary, Bank Accounts Opening, Registered Office. Create an Offshore Company in Hong-Kong. Updated on Monday 12th February 2018.Our Hong Kong company formation consultants can assist with the company registration procedure for offshore companies. Requirements to an offshore companies in Hong Kong.Authorized capital for offshore company in Hong Kong HK is 10,000, it is required to pay at least one dollar of share capital. Confidentiality. Advantages of Opening Offshore Company in Hong Kong.Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail at: or via our online chat and we will send you an Hong Kong company order form. Exempt from all local taxes (if activities outside of HK). Flexibility in company structure. No minimum capital requirement. Only one director and one shareholder are required.Hong Kong Offshore Company. Name Search and Company formation. All Hong Kong companies must have their headquarters in the country and the most popular offshore vehicle is the Private Company, which offers limited liability.The incorporation of a company in Hong Kong involves three simple steps and takes six days. Company formation in Hong Kong and Singapore Offshore corporate services.Hong kong ready-made company with a bank account buy. Types of offshore companies in Hong Kong.Consequently, the activities of all companies registered in Hong Kong are governed by the same legislation as registration of resident companies, namely the Companies Act, which entered into force on March 3, 2014.

Hong Kong taxation system is simple and favors offshore company setup.Register your new Hong Kong company in a minute! - Our SameDay system automatically checks for errors or problems as you complete applications. In other words: Hong Kong is the prestige version of an offshore company.We always go the extra mile to meet our customers needs in full and see that your plan of commencing an offshore company in Hong Kong goes smoothly. Hong Kong offshore company. Want to learn more about this jurisdiction?Company is resident in Hong-Kong if its management is located in Hong- Kong with board meeting taking place in Hong-Kong. GSL LawConsulting (Hong Kong) Limited.

company registration in Hong Kong consultations regarding annual maintenance, tax planning and various offshore solutions shelf-companies nominee directors and shareholders bank account opening, accounting services Form a Corporation in Hong Kong Introduction. Hong Kong company formation and bank account opening for the company has become popular for those who want to set up offshore corporations. Hong Kong companies are one of the most popular and reputable types of offshore companies.The best offshore company option in Hong Kong is a Private Limited Company. Outstanding features Introduction to Company in Hong Kong. Branch Office versus Representative Office. Opening Corporate Bank Account.Offshore Bank Account Opening. Tax Advisory. Company Name: The proposed name of your Hong Kong offshore company must be approved by the Hong Kong Companies Registry, prior to Hong Kong Incorporation.The most popular route to incorporating an offshore company in Hong Kong is by hiring a professional services firm. Offshore Companies in Hong Kong. Why Offshore Company ? Establish Chinese Wfoe.There are two ways to form a limited liability company in Hong Kong which is: Setting up a whole new company Purchase a ready-made or shelf company. Still the companies, which do not gain their profit in Hong Kong are not taxed, such companies can be referred as the offshore entities. Having a well-developed infrastructure along with strong regulatory system make Hong Kong the main successive offshore jurisdiction. Register an offshore company with bank account in Hong Kong. This solution has a lot of advantages but is also limited to certain business models and nationalities and countries of residence of the beneficial owners, lets start by the advantages Get an offshore Hong Kong company today. This is possible in Hong Kong where you have several private companies that will help you change the identity of your company and allow you to operate as an offshore company from their offices in Hog Kong. Our guide on how to register a limited company in Hong Kong (off-shore or not): costs, agencies, procedure and much more.The pros and cons of registering a limited company in Hong Kong. How to open a Hong Kong company without living or even going there. Hong Kong Offshore Company Formation requires local secretary company, we will be your secretary company.Furthermore, give the proposal company names so that we can check the eligibility of company name in Hong Kong Companies Registry system. Hong Kong Offshore Companies and their Tax Liability.Hong Kong offshore companies profits tax is ONLY charged on profits derived from a trade, profession or business carried on in Hong Kong. Doing Business in Hong Kong.Should you have any enquires about Offshore Company Incorporation, please complete the form below and we will reply to you soon. Enquiry.

Hong Kong is one of the easiest places in the world for doing business. Moreover, setting an offshore company in Hong Kong is simple, direct, and easy without having to worry about the bureaucracy or red tape. A shelf company is an option for setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong that is simpler and faster than otherwise (not to be confused with a so-called shell company) and is provided by a third party professional service provider. If the recipient of the payment is a related offshore licensing company the Hong Kong company must withhold and hand over 1.75 of the fee paid over. Income from the international operations of shipping companies is exempt from tax unless the ships are operating in Hong Kong waters or Setting Up a Hong Kong Company. Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong.How it works. Offshore Company Dubai Banking. Hong Kong Company. Free Zone Company Tax Residency. There is no "offshore" legislation in Hong Kong. All companies are incorporated under the same legislation, whether they are doing business locally or " offshore". (HK Company Ordinance, 1997 version, as amended 2004). 3. advantages of companies in hong kong. An up-scale Asian country with numerous agreements on avoiding double taxation. May operate as offshore companies if there are no operations in Hong Kong. Our services include : ?Worldwide Company formations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau ? Offshore Onshore incorporations other jurisdiction ?Company Secretarial Services ?Registered Office ?Nominee Professional ?Apostille Notarization ?Bank Account Opening Trust Private a) Tax consideration Hong Kong is using territorial tax system, it means it only charges for income which is done in Hong Kong. So if clients use Hong Kong company to do offshore business, it is legal tax free. This video is about The truth about offshore company in Hong Kong If I set up a company in Hong Kong and then have a physical workplace in China, is it considered offshore? If I set up shop in Hong Kong, can I pay my Chinese employees without having to open a bank account in the Mainland? Offshore4Asia offers the most efficient and low cost company formation and registration in Hong Kong. For more information Please call 006-013-2082007 (Msia) or email ahmad Forming a Hong Kong company through our special service allows you to obtain an account in Hong Kong with one of the largest financial institutions in the worldVisit these pages for more information on Hong Kong based offshore company formations available from Lawyers of the company Law Trust are engaged in registration of companies in Hong Kong, in the territory of China and other countries. Professional experts with detailed knowledge of the local jurisdiction guarantee efficiency of performance of all stages of offshore establishment. Hong Kong offshore company is not a separate or special company that is incorporated as in an offshore tax haven, but rather a regular Hong Kong.In the event that a Hong Kong company intends to do business in Hong King, this too is possible. After successful incorporation of your Hong Kong company, you need to open a corporate bank account. Business banking account requirements have recently grown more strict in HK, but Startupr has extensive experience in bank account opening and liaising. Hong Kong Offshore Company. Sign In. Toggle navigation.BVI Company. Taxation. Corporate profts tax rate is 16.5 in average for business operated in hong kong. Why how open hong kong offshore company?Hong Kong companies are only subjected to profits tax if profits are derived from Hong Kong at the rate of 16.5 of the net profits. Hong Kong tax regulations allow foreigners to register companies in Hong Kong which can be legally exempt from Hong Kong corporate income tax.Please read the page below for further details on the advantages of doing business with a Hong Kong offshore company. We are an audit firm of Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (Firm Registration No. 0889) providing one-stop professional Hong Kong offshore company formation services and annual maintenance, including auditing, accounting, tax consultancy, virtual office trademark registration. Offshore company formation hong kong incorporation datasheet.More than 40 discount on the formation of a company in hong kong opening of a bank account. Offshore companies in Hong Kong are therefore exempted from taxation for any business activity or transaction carried out outside Hong Kong. The Hong Kong offshore company is perfect for: Internet trade. Hong Kong offshore companies are very easy to set up and inexpensive to incorporate.A Hong King company which has business operations in Hong Kong is entitled to pay 17.5 taxation on its annual profits. Photo by Paco Wong. Recently, I went through the process of incorporating an offshore company in Hong Kong. You can either do everything yourself which may be time-consuming or you can go a bit more expensive route and have one of many companies setting it up for you. Setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong is an outstanding way to house a companys global corporate profit. It also minimizes tax. And if there isnt any trade activities within Hong Kong, companies will be legally tax exempted. The advantages of an offshore company registered in Hong Kong. 0 taxes. No minimum capital. Guaranteed confidentiality (members are not mentioned in the commercial register). Your Company in Hong Kong in 1-2 days. The most competitive price, in complete transparency. Client private data protection via secured systems.Modern offshore legislation. Standard currency.

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