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Skip to content. iPhone Share.A quick video to show you how to use the iCloud Photo Sharing feature on your Mac and iOS devices. Background music: World Map by Jason Farnham (downloaded from YouTube Audio Library). Upload photos and video with iCloud Photo Library. It is by default, one of the best way to share and sync photos and videos between Mac and your iPhone or other Apple device you have. How do I retrieve my pictures from iCloud to put back on my phone? iCloud makes it possible for iPhone users to share all the most important things in their digital life, from photos and music toNo matter what are you using, PC or Mac? All you need is an Apple ID and an Internet connection. "Its important to save your beautiful photos from iPhone to another place, so that you can have a backup to restore if data loss occurred, or you can do more things like share the pics withThis article will tell you the most secure ways to save your iPhone photos to Windows, Mac, iTunes, or iCloud. Im going to select a photo in my iCloud Photo Library of myself wearing shades that I took recently on my iPhone 6s.In Photo Booth, first snap a photo of yourself with your Macs FaceTime camera, then click the Share button and choose Change Profile Picture. iCloud Photo Sharing service empowers users to easily share a collection of photos with friends or family without any restrictions.3 Different Ways to Transfer Photo from iPhone to Mac. With iCloud Photo Library its easy to share your photos with other people. Simply open the Shared tab in the Photos app on any deviceWillem. I would like to store full-size photos on both my Mac and iPhone, but keep my iCloud storage free for other stuff (as 5GB is way too small to store photos). Retrieve photos from iCloud to the Photos app on your iPhone iPad directly , or save them to your computer (PC/ Mac).

Share Your Thoughts With Us. The only drawback to iCloud Photo Sharing is that the people you want to share with must have iCloud accounts and have iCloud Photo Sharing enabled.How to add more options to your iPhones share menu. How to set up iCloud Photo Library on your Mac. Itll share everything you take and sync it to your Windows 10 PC, but itll also work in reverse and allow you to add photos from your computer that will then sync to iCloud and any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV thats set up for it. iCloud Photo Sharing: Choose the people you want to share photos Once you turn on My Photo Stream and sign in to iCloud account, all the photos taken on your iPhone or iPad will be automatically synchronized.If someone has shared a Photo Stream album with you, it will be available on this screen as well. 2. Get photos from iCloud on Mac computer Step 1: Select Turn on iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Sharing.Next, click on iCloud Photo Sharing. How to Transfer Photos from Mac or Windows to iPhone via iCloud. Note: The iCloud uploader supports only certain file types like JPG files through the web. How to Stop Sharing iCloud Storage With Family.I hope so because the shared folders are not full resolution. I want to share photo library with my wife but withWe also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. If youre using an older computer that doesnt support Photos for Mac, you can still sync your Macs photos and video to your iPhone or iPad using iClouds older image- sharing features. Or you can tap "Import All New Items" button to backup new taken iPhone photos to Mac with Photos app afterwards. Part 2: How to Backup Your Photos to iCloud Photo Library.Select "Photos" and then turn on "iCloud Photo Sharing".

Open iPhotos Preferences panel and click the iCloud tab. As you can see, My Photo Stream and Photo Sharing are listed as two separate options, so youll need toPhoto editing tips for iPhoto and Preview, free software for photo editing on a Mac. How to transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac. Using iCloud Photo Sharing, its possible to sync selected photo albums with yourself but with some limitationsIt is possible to selectively sync some photo albums between a Mac and an iPhone using native Apple solutions. Using iCloud Photo Library is the recommended route, knowing that iCloud Photo Sharing is a service Apple offers though iPhone, iPad, and Mac in its Photos app that lets you create albums of photos that can be shared with friends, family, and anyone you choose. Learn how to select the images youve taken using the cameras built into your iPhone or iPad, and transfer them to a Mac using the iCloud Shared Photo Download Photo from iCloud to PC or Mac.When iPad or iPhone is backed up to iCloud, direct access may be wanted to those images, but iCloud backups dont work that way they are the backup of the entire device. With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can share photos and videos with just the people you choose, and you can let them add their own photosBefore you begin. Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest iOS, your Mac to the latest macOS, and your Apple TV (4th generation) to the latest tvOS. How to turn on iCloud Photo Library on iPhone iPad. The images below show these steps on an iPhone, however the same steps apply for iPad. Start with the device that has the most photos and videos (if its your Mac skip below for now). Then run the program on your PC or Mac. Windows Version Download Mac Version Download. Step 2 Connect Both iPhones to Computer.Since iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream are very similiar, both of which share your photos between different iOS devices, and the former doesnt have Share. We can all agree that the iPhone has a great camera — just check out the iPhone 7s portrait mode, if youre not convinced.Next, lets take a look at how to enable iCloud Photos on your Mac. Step 1: Open System Preferences and click the iCloud icon. A better alternative may be iCloud Photo Sharing. Put simply, you create an album and invite family, friends — really anybody you choose — to view it, which they can do from another Mac, a PC, or an iOS device. Heres how to proceed on your Mac Additionally, every photo uploaded to iCloud from another device, be it a Mac, iPod Touch, or Windows PC, automatically syncs with your phone. So, if you want to get iCloud photos onto your iPhone, you simply need to enable iCloud in the setting menu. iPhone WhatsApp Recovery for Mac.Copy from iCloud Photo Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion or Later. If the photos you want to download are in your shared Photos library, follow these simple steps to manually import them to your Mac. If you have iClouds Family Sharing option enabled along with iCloud Photo Sharing, youll see a special album called Family in the Shared tab of the Photos for Mac app, as well as the Shared section of the Photos app on iPhone and iPad. iCloud photo sharing on iPhone, Mac or iCloud for Windows enables you to create a shared album that shows only the photos and videos you choose. You can invite up to 100 of your favorite people to join in, make comments, and even add their own shots. Step 1. Start sharing pictures from Mac to iPhone. Open iCloud on the System Preferences on Mac, hit Photos button in the second order, and tick both My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing options. Then hit the share button at the bottom left of the screen. This brings up the familiar sharing menu. Choose iCloud Photo Sharing.Whenever you edit an image using Photos, on any device (be it your Mac, iPad or iPhone) all of the changes are synced to iCloud. Download iCloud Photos to iPhone Step 1. Step 2. Type in your Apple ID and password.Enthused by sharing daily tips on all Apple related topics. Related Articles You may Like. How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac. Windows. Mac. iOS. Android. Gadgets.Follow the steps below to Enable iCloud Photo Sharing on your iPhone or iPad. If youre using an iPad or iPhone device, go to the Settings app and select Photos Camera, you may need to scroll down to find it. Now just turn on the iCloud Photo Sharing (not iCloud Photo Library!) switch. On a Mac, open System Preferences and go to the iCloud preference pane Mac: System Preferences > iCloud > Photos (Options) > iCloud Photo Library. When both set properly, the photos you take with iPhone will up to date andAs a photo manipulation application developed by Apple, iPhoto for Mac allows you to import, edit, print, organize and share photos. This application can transfer any of your iPhone photos no matter from Photo Library or from Photo stream to Mac easily and quickly.Here you will get complete solution on how to upload iPhone photos to iCloud, Facebook, Picasa and other social share platform. You can access your last 30 days images stored on My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream in iCloud.You can transfer photos from iPhone to Mac/PC to make a safe backup without storage limit. Here is how you can download ALL photos from iCloud to Mac or PCWe both have iPhones so I told her we should share a folder on iCloud and we put all our pictures in one safe place. However we wanted a physical back-up ICloud Photo Library is a new way of managing iPhone photos by storing photos in iCloud. Keeping iCloud Photo Library enabled on your iPhone may quickly drain the 5 GB of free iCloud storage Apple In addition, iPhone photos can immediately be viewed on your Mac or another iOS device. This is possible, thanks to iCloud Photo Sharing. In this article, we will review iCloud photo storage in detail and answer these frequently asked questions iPhone photos sharing has become popular in young peoples social life. This passage will tell you how to do that with iCloud Photo Sharing.How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac. Once you have these enabled, there is Shared section of the Photos app on iPhone and iPad and a special album called Family in your Shared tabs ofOne nice feature of iCloud Photo Library is the ability to conserve space on our iDevices and Macs using a setting called Optimize Device Storage. Tap "Share". . This arrow-shaped icon is in the bottom-left corner of the screen. A menu will appear. 8.Check both the "iCloud Photo Library" box and the "My Photo Stream" box. This ensures that the photos from your iPhone will be available on your Mac. iCloud Photo Sharing is caring. www.courtneycomody.com/Flickr. iPhone photos have had their share of bad luck recently.Photo Sharing works on iOS 7 devices and above, as well as Macs, PCs, and Apple TV.

Steps on how to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone using iCloud Photo Library.The selected photos will be added to the new shared album. Step 5 Now from home screen of iPhone, open Settings > iCloud. Enable option of My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing. If youre just not that into Photos for Mac yet, you can still send some of your Macs photos to your iPhone or iPad using iClouds older image-sharing features. 8. Decide whether to share usage information with Apple. 9. Select Options next to Photos to check your photo settings. 10. Make sure the box next to iCloud Photo Library is checked and click Done.Also, your Macs hard drive is probably not as space-constrained as your iPhones. 1. Open Photos. Here are some steps to access iCloud without iPhone from your Mac computer/ laptop.3.To confirm if Photo Stream is on, open Options and make sure its switched on alongside iCloud Photo Libreary, My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing. The third iCloud photo-related service is iCloud Photo Sharing, which is designed primarily to allow you to create albums that can be shared withUse your iPhone as new or transfer previous useful data to it again by using TunesGo ( Mac). To know more specific information about iPhone Data Fast sync (4K) photos from Win/Mac to iPhone iPad for special using 100 secure and stable! No data loss at all! OS: iOS 7 - iOS 11 | Windows 10 or lower.For Mac. More iCloud Solutions. How to Use iCloud Photo Sharing. iCloud Photo Backup Limits and Fixes.

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