jquery textarea save line breaks





Have you wondered how to get textarea value using jQuery? In jQuery, textarea value can be easily obtained by using just single line of code. Read on to find out more. jquery January 04,2018 2. Im working on an AJAX chat room. My problem is that right now when I press enter, theres occasionally left an empty line break in the textarea. So far Ive attempted to remove it with .val(), . text(), .html() and .empty(), but none of them have worked. jQuery get textarea text.How to break/exit from a each() function in JQuery? Cant remove empty line break in textarea with Javascript replace method. how to get string representation of a html5 textarea converting wraps into line breakings. erraja07/Jquery Limit Text in Textarea( jQuery).FelixSchlatter/wordpress-textarea-line-break-with-php.php( php).