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input for form input fields. input description, syntax, usage, attributes and examples. indicates that the value entered in the input field should be validated as an e-mail address. file. Whats new in HTML 5. New input types: Of all form fields, the file upload field is by far the worst when it comes to styling.Take a normal and put it in an element with position: relative. To this same parent element, add a normal < input> and an image, which have the correct styles. Styling an input type"file" button. How to style "input file" with CSS3 / Javascript?follow these steps then you can create custom styles for your file upload form: 1.) this is the simple html form(please read the html comments i have written here bellow). Is it possible to style a input element of type file without worrying about browser compatibility?So use this one to build your custom file upload forms.Here is the full AUTOMATED UPLOAD code. < html>