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English Exercises > pronouns exercises > Subject/Object pronouns and possessive adjectives. English Exercises presents our new interactive self-correcting worksheets and workbooks. Youll love them, and so will your students! Pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns, and possessive pronouns. These are used to replace nouns in sentences.(The children, my wife and I). Exercise 3. Use a possessive adjective in the gap in each sentence based on the word(s) in parentheses. Home Page >> Grammar >> Beginner >> Subject or Object Prounouns.The English Learning Lounge - Our great English learning app available in both Android and Apple. Get information about great new exercises and quizzes like this one. Subject pronouns are used when the pronoun is the subject of the sentence. Singular Subject Pronouns I - I bought a new bike.They are used to show possession or ownership of something. Singular Possessive Adjectives My - This is my brother. Exercise 4 : Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronouns. French - Possessive Adjectives. theirs.

themselves. Personal Pronouns - Subject Form. example: We have got some books.Exercise on personal pronouns - object form. Possessive Adjectives. pronouns exercise. Hi, this is a new exercise to practice subject and object pronouns as well as some possessive adjectives. I hope this is useful for you Comparing the different pronoun cases in English subject, object, possessive and reflexive, with definitions and an exercise.The adjective form pronouns are : my, your, his, her, its, their, our. The possessive pronoun forms are: mine, yours, his, hers, its, theirs, ours. Subject pronoun Object pronoun. I me you you he him she her.Possessive adjective my your his her its our their. Possessive pronoun mine yours his hers -ours theirs. Sophie. We use pronouns to avoid repetition when it is obvious what we are talking about. These words are called possessive adjectives: my, his, her, its, our, your, their.

I —> my chair Andrew, the boy he —> his toy Mom, the woman she —> her car the dog it —> its ball.These words are called possessive pronouns: mine, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs. Start display at page: Download "Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives."Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Where are your friends now?Past Simple Past Continuous Exercises The following document is a brief description and a series of exercises for Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Joanie is (John and Nancy) daughter.8. The children are proud of their school. Replace the subject pronouns by a possessive adjective. Exercises: Possessive adjectives and pronouns. Adjetivos posesivos y pronombres posesivos. Completa con un adjetivo posesivo o un pronombre posesivo, segn corresponda.

Exercises using Personal pronouns and possessives. Do you know when to use subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns ? Possessive adjectives are not pronouns, but rather determiners.Possessive pronouns replace possessive nouns as either the subject or the object of a clause. Because the noun being replaced doesnt appear in the sentence, it must be clear from the context. Unlike possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives must modify a noun.What differences do you see? List them here. Try these exercises. . How are the underlined words being used?possessive adjective. 3. You. subject pronoun. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Where areDocuments Similar To Elementary Subject Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Exercises. Skip carousel. with this lesson you will be able to understand and use the different forms of pronouns including subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.exercises are also included with their answers. Читать тему: Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Subject and Object Pronouns на сайте Лекция.Орг Grammar quiz. Possessive adjectives pronouns. Subject object pronouns .Grammar Focus Possessive Adjectives Pronouns / Subject Object Pronouns Level Intermediate. Students practice possessive adjectives and pronouns by completing very short dialogues. You can put students in pairs or individual to answer this worksheet, depending on how well they got the grammar point, and then ask them to read the dialogues to check answers. Fill in the blanks with possessive pronouns or adjectives. 1. That policeman is a friend of (mine / my).Climactic vs. Climatic February 20, 2018. Subject Verb Agreement February 19, 2018. Subject. Object Possessive Possessive. Adjective. Pronoun.Exercise 2 : Pronouns (M.2) By T.Pornpitak Joodpeshjam : Foreign Language Learning Subject Group. 1-1 Subject Object Pronouns. 1-2 Possessive Pronouns Adjectives. 1-3 Be.Open the exercise to begin the activity. Follow the instructions in the document. Pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns and possessive pronouns.Exercise 3 Use a possessive adjective in the gap in each sentence based on the word(s) in parentheses. 1. Thats book on the table. Pronouns (subject, object, possessive pronouns) and possessive adjectives pronouns include subject practice by doing the exercises. pronouns and possessive forms. 1. A possessive pronoun differs from a possessive adjective. ExamplesObject Pronouns. I.Exercise on possessive pronouns. FOLLOW US: NEWSLETTER FACEBOOK Google twitter YouTube. Whose? Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronouns. me my house. its mine. Subject and object pronouns in English - Продолжительность: 3:59 WatchandLearnEnglish 326 910 просмотров.POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS | English grammar lesson and exercise - Продолжительность: 18:05Subject pronouns possessive adjectives: she or her? Possessive Adjectives vs Pronouns. Choose possessive adjective or possessive pronoun exercise: My/Mine, Your/Yours, Her/Hers, His/His, Our/Ours, Their/Theirs. Subject Explanations Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Joanie is (John and Nancy) daughter. 2. Our names are Kathy and Robin.Replace the subject pronouns by a possessive adjective. Subject Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives. Articles.Articles. Adjectives. The Comparative: using -er and more. Object Pronouns.Exercise 10. Put in the missing possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. Pronouns (Subject, Object, Possessive Pronouns) and Possessive Adjectives Pronouns include subject pronouns, Go to the next page for the answers to these exercises Where are (you) friends now? SUBJECT PRONOUNS OBJECT PRONOUNS POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS I ME MY MINE YOU YOU YOUR YOURS HE HIMPronouns (personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns), short explanation and exercises. Click here for free examples,and exercises that will teach you all you need to know about possessive pronouns.Grammar Rules. Adjectives.Object Pronouns.The following list of possessive pronouns is accompanied by a list of corresponding subjects. Pronouns (Subject, Object, Possessive Pronouns) and Possessive Adjectives Pronouns include subject practice by doing the exercises.Learning possessive adjectives and pronouns English lesson Possessive adjective or pronouns exercise. 2 possessive adjectives List of pronouns subject pronouns object pronouns possessive adjectives possessive pronouns.14 Exercise Jenny and I like listening to music. Our favourite singer is Kelly. (3) like (4) because she is very beautiful. SUBJECT PRONOUN VERB OBJECT PRONOUN Tom knows me POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES are pronouns refer to who possessesThe sofa is his POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS are pronouns to refer to a specific person or thing belongs something or someone. e.g Its is mine Exercises I Intermediate. Advanced. exercises. Possessive Adjectives And Pronouns Exercises. Snavmz boluk doldurma sorularndan oluup, seenek verilen sorularda verilen seenekler arasndan boluklar doldurunuz. SubjectObject Pronouns. Possessive s. Demonstrative AdjectivesPronouns. Possessive AdjectivesPronouns. Exercises. A. Replace the words in bold with pronouns. Two types of pronouns are subject pronouns, and object pronouns.Heres a list of possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. my --- mine your --- yours his --- his her --- hers our --- ours theirIts theirs. (their car). Pronouns and Possessives Exercise. Decide which answer is correct. Possessive Adjectives. colombo87 2016-12-12 16:00:59.Students are supposed to do different exercises: fill in the gaps, replace the words in bold with a subject or object pronoun, underline the correct pronoun, read the text and underline the correct pronoun. An exercise book.Personal Pronouns Possessive Adjectives SUBJECT PRONOUNS OBJECT PRONOUNS (See notes below)notes POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES NOUN POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS IMEMY. Exercise 1. Choose the correct subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives to complete the sentences below.Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives table. Possessive pronouns and Possessive determiners - Exercise - Learning English Online Determiners and pronouns Free English grammar exercises online 1 Pronouns (Subject, Object, Possessive Pronouns) and Possessive Adjectives Pronouns include subject pronouns Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives Lesson. Would you like more practice with pronouns? try these lessons and tests.Subject and Object Pronouns Test. Possessive pronouns are sometimes called possessive adjectives. No matter what you call them, their use is clear and simple.Subject. Object. Possessive 1. Possessive Adjectives Pronouns / Subject Object Pronouns It gets more confusing every time you add another set of pronouns. This is an easy exercise with fill in the gap tasks on possessive adjectives and personal pronouns. Subject pronouns Possessive adjectives. I you he she it my your his her its.Twitter Share English exercise "Subject Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives" created by anonyme with The test builder Click here to see the current stats of this English test. Possessive pronouns - exercises. Grammar exercises - intermediate level esl. Custom Search. Home - index. Possessive adjectives.Possessive pronouns - grammar. Determiners and pronouns.

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