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If I try to open the documents or My Computer or My documents in the normal fashion - - two left mouse-button clicks - - I get a statement appear in a window [entitledI cannot open any folders or internet explorer on the desktop! XP pro Administrator account cant open any files or folders. Whenever I try to open a file or a link, the same message appears " Windows cannot open this file" with the file name beneath it.This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer Windows XP and 2000: Open My Computer and click Folder Options from the Tools menu.The Browse window opens. Navigate to the CD drive on your computer (you can find the CD drive by clicking My Computer, usually), right-click the file, and then click Open . This works well on compaq computers xp/vista however im sure it can be efficitive with most computers running windows os.» WIN 7 (green file) Encrypted file not opening, cannot copy by FreeBooter 4th May 2017, 10:08 am. I use Windows XP on a Gateway. In the past two weeks, I have not been able to get into any file folders, my computer, or the control panel.Cannot open any folder, windows explorer, internet explorer. Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 Mobile is having a problem. How do I fix it?242.My music folder says it contains 100gb, but when I open it, its empty. Ive tried everything I can think of.Its almost like the computer decided to stop showing certain file types.

Making My Computer and Windows Explorer List Missing Files. Formatting a Disk. Cruising the Web, Sending E- Mail, and Using Newsgroups.How Can I Make All My Web Pages Open in a Full-Screen Window? What Will I Miss If I Dont Use the Internet with Windows XP? Glossary. Yes I cannot open anything, most of them are MP4 files which have bee created by us. But there are a few PDF files. I have opened them in different software but still not having any luck. There is no virus on the computer im sure. Both computers were able to open PNG files from his email with Picture and Fax viewer on the night of 3/19/08.This is what I have tried so far to fix it. I have tried registering the .

DLL files that pertains to fax viewer I have tried a windows XP repair. After computer is restarted, I cannot get to any files. I get an error message " Windows cannot open this file". All icons on my desktop look the same.Doe it mean my files are corrupted and I need to re-install XP? I also get the message "Windows cannot open this file"(needs to know what created program) when I try to open anything, including system restore, msconfig, regedit, etc.Cannot open registry or any programs or any files on XP. My computer freezes when I open files in fax picture vie 1- Open Firefox, and select the Tools menu. 2- Now choose "Clear Recent History". 3- On the right of "Time range to clear" select "Everything".No, I cannot enter to your computer, I am sorry. Why you cannot remove it?On my Windows XP laptop I continually get kicked out of. Even though the other computer sees me in the homegroup and shows my shared directories, it cannot open any of the directories even though I have granted read/write access toThis worked for me. I can now see the XP Pro computers, and can transfer files the Windows7 computer to the XPs. Making My Computer and Windows Explorer List Missing Files.

Formatting a Disk. Cruising the Web, Sending E- Mail, and Using Newsgroups.How Can I Make All My Web Pages Open in a Full-Screen Window? What Will I Miss If I Dont Use the Internet with Windows XP? Glossary. i have windows xp and here lately my computer quits responding.AVG scrubbed the virus but now I cannot open program files. Either the program cannot be found or I get the ?Open With? pop up menu. You will get Access Denied as a response, and this cannot be undone easily, and especially cannot be fixed if you have Windows XP Home Edition (like me) insteadClick File | Open On the left, click Computer This will let you verify the drive letter, as they may be different when booted to the CD/DVD. The Windows XP setup copies files to the Windows Installation folders.My computer is a Dell XPS M1730 with Windows XP SP3. When Im trying to install the XP CD every minutes or so it tellm me that "Setup cannot copy the file: kodakdc.icn." I cannot open or run System Restore, even in safe mode.Open My Computer Tools Folder Options File Types tab Scroll down to ZIP ClickHow to do a Windows XP repair install Hopefully, that will fix the problem. I cannot open Flash files (.swf) on my computer, only in the browser and none of the paths I have tried setting .swf files to open with are actually the Flash Player application. I need to know where the Flash Player is on Windows XP. Q.1. In Windows XP, when opening the Task Manager, Registry Editor or Folder Options (from the Tools menu in My Computer), I get a message saying these tools have been disabled by the administrator. My computer crashed and I lost my Solar Fire v5 with it. Im trying to reinstall on my new computer that is running Windows 7. Why wont it work?Runtime Error 7 - Out of Memory when trying to open Solar Fire on Win XP. Cannot Load Solar Fire Program File. Open any folder or click start then click computer.System, . windows Xp service pack 3. system, . windows Xp service pack 3. In my case I cannot see the drive at all although the system recognizes the connection. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. Join them it only takes a minuteToday my friend ask me how can he run any Windows application install file, because on Windows XP, just dosent opened. Each time I try to open a file or folder in my PC running on Windows XP, I will receive the error message Windows cannot find CWINDOWSsystem32Insert "Windows XP" disk in optical drive of your computer. Click "Start" then click "Run". I can however access the files on the (2) Windows XP computers from the Windows 10 computer. Any suggestions?Cant connect to Windows XP network. SOLVED Cant open files in open office. "Windows cannot find msconfig.exe" usually indicates the file is missing or the reference to the path within the Windows registry may be incorrect.Insert your XP CD into the drive. Open Menu.My motherboard is 845 Intel and Im using Windows XP. I cannot install Windows 7 in my computer.The error means that Setup is unable to validate the Windows image file and believes it is corrupt. Computers. Operating Systems. Windows XP Vista.With the Open dialog box displayed, click the Tools button and select Search. A File Search dialog box appears, putting both basic and advanced search tools at your fingertips. Cannot Run .exe Files. Since yesterday i have been unable to open any .exe programs on my windows 7 computer.View 3 Replies . Unable To Open Encrypted Files. Ok, heres my situation:- my pc came with windows xp, and i encrypted some files on it. I am using Windows XP Media Center, Service Pack 2. When I click on Local Disk C: in my computer window the OPEN WITH dialog box appears, it is askingAttached Files: Cannot Open local disk C.JPG. File size File Storage / General office Comp File/Folder(s) Owner/Group Cannot open folder in same window How to Make a Folder or File Super Hidden in Vista and XP. Frihost Forum Index -> Computers -> Computer Problems and Support.how can he fix a problem with his My Computer and Windows Explorer not able to open his C and D drives Below is the screenshot illustrating the problem of Windows FileTo fix the Cannot open local drive C XP issue this way all you have to do is Download Flash Disinfector.exe and run it on your PC. Cannot open any programs on windows 7. [Solved] (Solved).Thanks EMI, you saved my computer, Windows XP, my excel, power point, games, etc. would not open and onlyMy computer stopped being able to run exe files on a single power user account - the other accounts were fine. I forgot to say that i am running windows 7.I can open anything, i cant get to the start menu.ok it is the morning now so i can work on my computer all day. Now Im using a laptop with Windows 7 and when I insert those discs in its CD drive, I cannot see any of the files. When I open my computer and look at the G drivePut another way, if the disc worked originally and you could see the files in Windows XP after you created it, then I really dont know of a Why Does My Computer Crash All The Time? Windows Cannot Open This File. How To Prevent My Computer From Crashing.Advanced Options For Windows XP. What Is My Computers BIOS. Audio Not Working. Windows Shutdown Problems. How To Use Search In Windows Vista. Hello guys i have a problem with my windows XP it says "make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again" i tried opening anything in SAFE MODE still i cant open anything im very sure that this is a Virus problem, but i dont want to reformat this computer And i dont have the original CD At the moment all I can do is open a few of the files I saved to my USB. All my Excel and Word files on it cannot be opened though because my trying to improve XP by reinstalling it using the original cd resulted in all the programs I had including OfficeHow to install on computer running windows XP. To verify Workgroup settings match, open the System Properties either by right-clicking on My Computer and choosing propertiesFor this method of file sharing, open Tools > Folder Options from the Windows Explorer menu and click on the View tab.Windows xp cannot find wireless networks. 23 Windows 10 :How to fix windows cant open files and Programs computerrepair - Duration: 3:46. computer repair 36,568 views.Windows cannot find "explorer.exe".How to Fix Virus Malware on windows XP 7 and Vista Without Anti Virus - Duration: 13:13. Another solution, and in my opinion the more ideal one, is to set the association of the py extension to IDLE. This would solve your issue as the file will open by default in IDLE and from there you can run the Python script. Changing File Associations In Windows 7. I cant even open a file if i try executing it from a flash drive. Im able to access my computer and task manager but am limited on what I can do.During the loading of windows I noticed it took a lot more time for my desktop to appear. Now that its loaded I cannot open any file. Why do I have this iTunes problem on my Windows XP computer?You can manage your files without iTunes at all, whether you have Windows XP, Vista or any of the newer Windows versions, because CopyTrans programs support all of them. I want to install a copy of Windows XP Professional on my HP DV7. My computer originally came with the windows 7 OS, i want to dual boot these OS.Warning: If you decide to delete the newer version of Windows that is currently installed on your computer, the files and settings cannot be recovered. Ive installed Windows XP on VB yesterday, and things were working fine until Ive installed the service packs. The browsers seem to work good. If I right-click on My Computer and click properties, it takes like at least a minute to open. Security ALL How-tos Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP Win Vista Win 95/98 Win NT Win Me Win 2000 Win 2012 Win 2008 Win 2003 Win 3.1 E-Home Office PC Games Con Games Drivers LinuxIron Janitor June 2, 2011 at 10:36:54 Specs: Windows Vista. I cannot open any files on my computer. When I start my computer, I get this error message: Windows cannot open this file: GLBD4EA.tmp.If I get them from microsoft, it seems that windows can open. Hi mikemontgomery, If you use windows XP, it is not possible to install Microsoft Gadgets on it. When I try to open up almost any program (Firefox, Project 64, Etc.) my computer will show an hourglass cursor for a few seconds and then continue as if nothing had happened.(As this information is probably essential, I am running windows XP Professional.) Im trying to drag some files from OS X to Windows XP running in Fusion v1.0, but it gives me this error: Cannot open file on virtual machine.Im trying to drag over a folder with 430MB of files, and my 20GB WinXP partition still has 15GB available. On Windows XP-based computers that are configured as members of a workgroup in a peer-to-peer network environment, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms: You cannot access shared folders or files.

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