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a b C D e f g h I j k L M n o p q r s t u V w X y z new Random.What does ELECTRICAL mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: ELECTRICAL. M Mega 106 (prefix) m milli 10-3 (prefix) MCT MOS-controlled thyristor MLT mean number of turns MMF magnetomotive force MO module optimum setting MOS metal-oxideThey establish a rapidly expanding field in electrical engineering and a scope of their technology covers a wide spectrum. 84. zero. Voltage vectors are oriented along the axes of phases U, V, W. The amplitude of the space vector is equal to Ud and during the voltage period it places one of the six positions.Fig. 5.14. Electrical isolation of drive circuits can be achieved by means of transformers or optocouplers. Vibration severity of rotating electrical machines. Protection level provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against mechanical impact (Code IK).In the case of supply by means of electronic impulse devices (inverters, soft starters etc.), all verifications and any modifications, necessary to The Basic Electrical Quantities and Their Units. Potential Difference: It is defined as the difference of electric potential between the two points in an electric circuit. Its symbol is V and the unit of measurement is volts. electrical meaning, definition, what is electrical: relating to electricity: . Learn more.Meaning of electrical in the English Dictionary.

Taking, for example, electrical power as input (sign change), output may be obtained in the form of heat or in the form of a mass stream.Geothermal heat sources have been utilised by means of thermodynamic engines (e.g. Brayton cycles), in cases where the geothermal heat has been in the In both instances, engineered electric arcs are present and represent major loads in electrical power systems which require the utmost attention.In addition to this progressive set of imbalances introduced by means of the square factor u, a more severe unbalanced condition is introduced One Ah generally means that a current of one amp has been flowing for one hour. Amplifier An electronic circuit that boost the voltage and/or the currentCapacitor A device designed to provide a specific amount of capacitance. Cell A device that transforms one form of energy into electrical energy. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanicalIt is from the resulting structure of the Z(w) vs. w response that one derives information about the electrical properties of the full elec-trodematerial system. Define electrical. electrical synonyms, electrical pronunciation, electrical translation, English dictionary definition of electrical. adj.TheFreeDictionary presents: Write what you mean clearly and correctly. What does the electrical term neutral mean? Answer for UK, Europe and countries running a 50 Hz supply service.

Neutral is the name given to one of the wires in an electricity supply.What does PLC in electrical term mean? No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior writtenThis Textbook supersedes the second edition of Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles. The system is regulated by means of requirements placed on producers, in particular the requirement to keep the current frequency at 50 Hz (or 60 Hz).Improving the power factor of an electrical installation consists of giving it the means to produce a varying proportion of the reactive energy that This means that generators (and by a converse principle, electric motors) make use of relativistic effects when they convert energy between its electrical and mechanical forms.Heaviside and Poynting now tell us that the transport of energy in electrical circuits occurs in exactly the same. KV means kilovolt or 1000volt. Power consumption in Wattage Current in Ampere x Voltage in volt An 1ton capacity air conditioner is rated to deliver 12000BTu/Hr or 3000kCal/Hr. In other word it can extract heat at the rate 12000BTu/hr or 3000kCal/hr. Meaning of Electricity. What does Electricity mean?Electricity in the form of electric current is put to many practical uses in electrical and electronic devices. This course concentrates on the latter theme: the representation, manipulation, transmission, and reception of information by electrical means. This course describes what information is, how engineers quantify information, and how electrical signals represent information. Accordingly, note that a grounding/bonding conductor, whose electrical length is such that an entire CM current impulse may be contained upon it while it is transported from one end to the other and with the grounding/bonding conductor acting as a transmission line, is completely useless as a means of I Capacitor: The capacitor symbol used in both electrical and electronic schematics is a straight line segment next to a curved line segment, as shown in Fig.Transformers obey the law of conservation of energy, meaning that the product of voltage and current (power) in the primary winding equals the The field of the current density J is called an electrical conduction field in high voltage engineering it is especially important for DC stresses.Electric field plots in high voltage engineering are very often visualized by means of equipo-tential lines. Shunt capacitors are used extensively in power transmission and distribution systems as a mean of supplying reactive power.Disturbances produced in electrical networks by arc furnaces may be able to significantly affect the quality of energy distributed by electrical companies. Contributors are needed to write definitions for terms in this glossary. Please keep the definitions brief and in accordance with Wikipedias policies and guidelines. This glossary of electrical and electronics engineering pertains specifically to electrical and electronics engineering. difference b/w electrical engineering and electronics engineering is semi conductor material, in electronic semiconductor material used where as in electricalflow of electrons are called charge. but in normal atmosphere means matter contains molicules (electrons,dust particalsetc) in the In order to properly understand electricity meaning, you need to remember in which form it appeared in your dream, because electricity can not be directlyIf you are unsuccessfully trying to disassemble some electrical appliances, it means that you will not have enough time for your favorite hobby. Electrical Hazard - A dangerous condition such that contact or equipment failure can result in electric shock, arc flash burn, thermal burn, or blast.Polyphase - A polyphase system is a means of distributing alternating current electrical power. Electrical field, E, is the negative of the gradient in electrical potential, i.e. it is defined to be directed from positive to negative pole: E -d/dx.The amplitude can also be specified as the peak-to-peak voltage, Up-p 2 U0 or the root mean square (rms) voltage Urms U0/2 Up-p/(22). At this stage, a semicon-ductor may be simply classied as a material possessing an intermediate char-acter in electrical conduction.This means that the electronic specic heat at room temperature is merely 1/60 that derived in the classical statistics. Electrical definition: Electrical goods, equipment , or appliances work by means of electricity. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. FERC issued an order in 1996 that opened up the electrical transmission lines owned by state power utilities to other wholesalers of electricity.Electric charges have similar effects. Imagine a ping-pong ball carrying a negative charge is suspended in the air by means of a silk thread. 1/2: Outline of national and regional standards in electrical engineering. 14 Totally Integrated Power General Planning Considerations.n.c. Normally closed I> v Short-circuit tripping in the forward direction this means in the direction of the cable. Fig. 4/7: Protection concept for a spur network. An electric motor is a device converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (usually a torque).

This conversion is usually obtained through the generation of a magnetic field by means of a current flowing into one or more coils. An electrical machine is an energy converter in which two electric circuits have been coupled by means of a magnetic circuit.Conversely, the bearers of the electric circuits are mobile to one another in rotating electrical machines. Unlike the method of marking up to now, the function of the electrical equipment in the respective circuit primarly determines the cose letter. This means that there is some freedom in the selection of the code letters. Electrical means of or relating to electricity, and its used for things that generate or process electricity—for example, electrical generators and electrical outlets. Its also simply a broad term for anything that uses electricity. 5. Electrical connection. When working on live drive converters, the applicable national accident prevention rules (e.g. VB 4) must be complied with.Changes to the drive converters by means of the operating software are admissible. This technical collection takes into consideration only the bodies dealing with electrical and electronic technologies.The utilization category of a circuit-breaker shall be stated with reference to whether or not it is specifically intended for selectivity by means of an intentional time delay with respect to other Meaning of Electric. What does Electric mean?electric(Adjective). Of, relating to, produced by, operated with, or utilising electricity electrical. recognize common electrical circuit diagram. symbols understand that electric current is the rate of moveCorrosion is the gradual destruction of a metal in a damp atmosphere by means of simple cell action. In addition to the presence of moisture and air required for rusting, an electrolyte, an anode By electric Im assuming u meant electrical. The main difference between electrical and electronics is the operating voltages. Most of the electronics equipments work under the voltage range of 32- 50 V. Electricity is widely used for providing power to buildings, electric devices, and even someFranklin was able to determine that lightning was a form of electrical discharge. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanicalA large fraction of the student population in electrical engineering is destined for industry or graduate study in digital electronics or computer systems. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, orHe holds the University of London Chair of Communications Engineering in the Department of Electronic and Electrical at UCL. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form (including photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means and whether or notThe main elements of an electrical power system are generators, transformers, transmission lines, loads and protection and control equipment. In normative for manufacture electrical motors exist two polit one DIN convection (Europe ) and NEMA ( AMERICAN COUNTRIES ). iN NORMATIVE DIN use for terminals leads the letter U , V , W that means coil head, and letter X,Y, Z MEANS ENDING COIL. Electrical engineering Electronic and Electrical Engineering.Another important use of this means of communicating is in shipping. A ship that is in difficulty can call the nearest coast station, giving details of its situation and, if necessary, ask for help. automatic transfer switch A switch that automatically transfers electrical loads to alternate or emergency-standby power sources.Acceptance and divulgence of data may or may not be by electronic means. dc [see direct current]. Conventional Electrical Engineering curricula, in favorable cases at least, produce engineers who are reasonably adept at operating many of the toolsSuch an average is called the Root Mean Square, or R.M.S. average, and it appears in all sorts of places. For example, the voltage that the power Printed and bound in the United States of America. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by anyspaced lumped elements, affecting the electrical performance of the circuit in several ways. NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUF ACTURERS ASSOCIATION C. H. Bayer, General Electric Co Schenectady, N. Y. L. D. Price, Alternate, National Electrical(c) Upper-case letters, underlined. The meaning of the asterisk or underline shall be explained in a drawing note. Line appli CATI on.

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