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td.rhead width: 300px Why doesnt the CSS width work?This may not be what you want to hear, but display: table-cell does not respect width and will be collapsed based on the width of the entire table. Using CSS to apply background colours and images is a much better option. For example, to set the background of a cell to yellow, you would write this CSS code: td background: yellow colspan. Pay attention, now, because this one is tricky. Of course, you can mix colspan and rowspan to get a range of various tables. Example 4-13 demonstrates a mix of column and row spanning.Combining colspan and rowspan. [View full width]. but my question is how can we merge cell in css with display like colspan in table tag.You could also cheat and use a colspan in your div but thats invalid code. Best bet is to use a table when you need a table.div class"bordertopcol tableheading rowtopbotpad" style"width :150px tabledata[rownumi].insert(tdnum, td.text) print tabledata. format html table with rowspan or colspan.How do mobile first RWD for table with CSS Grid? -->