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Other DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI cables require DisplayPort as the source (which is why some cables have not worked for you). This one has been tested in-house and works up to 4K30Hz, which leaves plenty of performance to accommodate your 1080p panel. Some of their concerns are that DisplayPort->HDMI cables may require the user to reconfigure their display settings, or that the display is not completely in frame of the television/monitor, or that they may need to use software to make it work properly. DisplayPort makes display cable selection pretty easy. A standard DisplayPort cable is designed to work with any DisplayPort Source devicecable, while achieving DisplayPort quality (Thunderbolt is backwards compatible with DisplayPort, and even includes support for Dual-Mode DP-to-HDMI and So I got a mini display port to HDMI cable a HDMI to display port adapter. It does not work. It all seems to fit fine, but the monitor is blank.The second HDMI to displayport adaptor probably needs some amount of power as DP to HDMI is going to be an active conversion process (rather than FWIW, I have a cable that goes the other way (DisplayPort -> HDMI) that seems to work pretty well (I use it occasionally to connect my Mac to my HDTV).Note that Display Port to HDMI cables will not work the other way. High Speed HDMI Cable: Provides more bandwidth, and can carry video with a resolution of 1080p or higher (fine for movies, but horrible for gaming).This works fine for one monitor, but nowadays, it is very popular to have multiple screens going at once. About DisplayPort. For now, as a means of trouble-shooting, just try ONLY the DP-to-HDMI adapter/ cable from TV to GTX 960 and see if that is actually working or not.Why cant u just use HDMI-to-HDMI? DisplayPort is nice but it really is designed more for when u need to do 120/144Hz HDMI on newer GPUs allow DisplayPort to HDMI should retain audio, or use DVI and run audio in a different cable.Cable card direct to TV with HDMI-No Sound, Cable card to AVR to TV audio works solution. SolvedMy westinghouse lcd switches from hdmi to dvi on its own and I lose my cable.

Connections: Display port male (20 pin) to HDMI male 19 Pin. Our DisplayPort to HDMI cables are the perfect solution for adapting your DisplayPort computer or g Only works in one direction - so can only be used for DP sockets on PCs and laptops to HDMI screens and NOT from HDMI sockets What about HDMI to Displayport cable? The most common cable uded to mid range videocards to connect the TV.Benzhninja - 14:50 09-08-2014. Will a Mini-Display port to HDMI work with a Surface Pro 3? Checkout. My Account. Top » Catalog » HDMI, DVI Displayport Cables.Male Active Displayport to VGA Female Cable (ATI Eyefinity Tested, works on all Displayport devices). In general, I thought it is possible to use the cable above if you go from a DisplayPort OUTPUT to an HDMI INPUT (the reverse does not work), but Wiki says this about DisplayPort If youre looking to connect a computer to a TV or monitor, your choices are HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Whats the best connection?Any cable capable of a specific resolution is either going to work over a certain distance, or not work. Plug your DVI to HDMI cable in the HDMI/DVI port.I have set up my tv (Element) as a second monitor aside from my regular monitor and the video part works perfectly when I transfer whatever I am seeing via the internet to my tv. Looking to re-use an old Samsung SyncMaster 930B monitor and save some money by avoiding the purchase of an HDMI monitor, I bought a cheap HDMI to DVI cable.

hdmiforcehotplug1. This line forces the pi to use the HDMI port even if it doesnt detect a connected display. Works every time now. Mini displayport to HDMI cable not working on my iMac 21.5 2011 mid. My HDMI to DVI-D works fine YOU DO have to Manually set the Monitor to correct source. Share this post.I dont think there is anything wrong with the cable personally. Would a HDMI to VGA work you think? I used a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable with my 9010, with good results.I know that computer DP out to monitor HDMI in should work, but when I plug the Displayport into PC and the HDMI into my monitor I get no signal. EDIT: So the mini-displayport jack is at least functional. I can use an adapter to the VGA to DVI cable.Ive swapped cables with other equipment, and they work fine. I purchased another HDMI to mini-DisplayPort and that didnt fix it. An HDMI cable is going to my pc monitor, which works, and a Displayport to HDMI cable to my tv for XBMC. No signal is detected on the tv. Ive tried updating the intel drivers and I even just bought an active displayport to hdmi adapter to make sure its not the passive cable. Im on a T500 and running Windows 7. The T500 just doesnt recognize the external monitor when I have the displayport to hdmi adapter plugged in and an hdmi cable running from that to theI cant try with a different monitor sorry. I have used DVI on this monitor before though so I know that works. DVI to VGA adapter. DisplayPort to HDMI cable.Windows 10 Buffet: Fixing a failed upgrade to the latest version. Meltdown Spectre: DO NOT PANIC! Yet. How do Christmas Laser Projectors work? Turn off the 24 hz hdmi option, the dvi wont work on this. The HDMI2DP DVI or HDMI to DisplayPort Converter converts an HDMI, DVI or Mini DVI input signal into a DisplayPort (or Mini DisplayPort) output, eliminating the cost of upgrading your source device hardware or purchasing a new display. what is with this new Adapter DisplayPort 1.2 Cable to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter Club 3D CAC-1073 is an active HDMI signal converter [email protected]?? announced on 16.11.2016. Will this work with an 4k Display and the PS4 Pro? HDMI to DVI works like a charm. (cheap ones too). Already tried it on many devices. Youll have the video part of the hdmi converted without trouble. No quality loss. Dont know about hdmi to display port. HDMI and DisplayPort will coexist side by side and require a good understanding how to connect to each other as newer laptops and tablets may only support one or the other.I bought a passive adapter cable and it worked. The mini displayport to HDMI adapter works properly when connected directly to the Surface, so the adapter itself is fine.I have tried using a straight mini displayport to DVI cable and the issue remains. I just purchased a Moshi Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter to use with my 2008 Macbook Pro to watch movies on my TV but its not working.Also the HDMI cable is not faulty. I tested it with a Windows laptop that has a HDMI port in the laptop itself and the TV picks up the signal just fine. HDMI<->DVI cable is working elsewhere. The bios of this motherboard does indeed disable the on board graphics when an additional card is identified.Hey that seems to be a workable and affordable solution ! Thanks much, Nigel ! Tested with and without a displayport to displayport cable and monitor turned ON.Aukey say the same things (Alt Mode needed), and another cable, USB-C to HDMI which dont work too (noname) ask for the same compliance. Bought a cheap no-name mini displayport to HDMI cable and it works. So apparently the Microsoft cable I bought for 40 is a lemon. i hope they give my money back. I recently purchased the same adapter and tried it on my 6 year old LG TV. DisplayPort cables are much simpler to define: Theres just one type! (Available here on Amazon.)Adapters are also available to connect a DisplayPort source to a single-link DVI or HDMI display.Michael covers the smart-home, home-entertainment, and home-networking beats, working in the Displayport to HDMI not working - [Solved] - Graphics Cards — I have a Sabertooth Z87 motherboard and Im using the onboard graphics. An HDMI cable is going to my pc monitor, which works, and a Displayport to HDMI cable to my tv. If the handshake doesnt work, the HDCP encryption that is embedded in the HDMI signal is not recognized properly by one, or more, of the connected components.Check out examples of DVI/HDMI adapters and cables on Amazon.com. I have a displayport input/output and it is not working on my hp probook 6460b. with windows 7 profesional 64 bit. i hav displayport-HDMI adapter. the screen and pc does not seem to even notice a connection but the dvi cable works just fine. I used DVI to HDMI cable to connect HDX 8000 but no video was displayed though I selected HDMI from the source. When I used DVI to Component to connected, both the video and audio worked perfectly. USB3-HUB4M USB 3.0 4 Port VL812 Portable Hub 853022mm size with 31cm pigtail cable. UGA-4KDP USB 3.0 to DisplayPort 4K Graphics Adapter.However, the HDMI output works when using HDMI to VGA adapter (but the VGA signal quality is lower). Im trying to connect the docking station to 2 DVI and displayport work great, but whenever I try 2 DVI to HDMI adapters plus the 1 HDMI (for three HDMI total) it doesnt work.What cable do i need for connection?DisplayPort to HDMI? , HDMI to HDMI ? , or both working fine?thanks. No additional audio cables will be required. If your video source only outputs video through the mini DisplayPort, then you will only receive video through your HDMI display. Please Note: due to current Apple limitations, the audio will not work over HDMI on Apple computers. Cables DisplayPort Adapters Mini DisplayPort To Mini DisplayPort Cables (Multiple Lengths) DisplayPort Fixing Sound "Not Working" Problem.Your cable MUST be connected to any of the two DisplayPort IN port (NOT " DisplayPort out").

VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort -- whats the difference and why do they even matter?My laptop has only HDMI port and the projector has VGA port. what solution can you suggest? i have a hdmi to vga cable. do i need a converter for it to work? when i conect a dvi or hdmi from my gtx 780 to my acer H274HL Monitor all works fine but when i want to connect display port cable on my gtx 780 and t.thanks for the fast reply but my cable is displayport to hdmi, from deltaco i dont think the active adapter is the right one, i could be wrong. 1 x DisplayPort DP to HDMI Adapter Cable. Powered from DisplayPort source.Arent you tired of mini Display ports and HDMIs that dont work as advertised?. well, with Lumsing rest assured knowing youre getting what you need. What is Display Port? Another audio/video interface is DisplayPort, which had version 1.0 approved in May 2006 and is supported in several computer monitors.My HDMI cable works for 720 resolution, but not for 1080 resolution. DisplayPort to HDMI Cable - High Performance Signal Qualityshowmecables.How to fix HDMI output display to TV when it is not recognise or detected for MacBook Air! p/s: Might not work for all. But i hope this will help you guys out. HDMI has audio but dvi does not this might cause some problem maybe?try other cables and other monitores maybe the monitor spontaniously decided to not work or try another connection to you gpu sometimes some outputs seem to not show a boot signal i had that once whit an old gtx 460 that did Should it be supported to connect these two devices using a HDMI to DisplayPort cable (So HDMI on Macbook DisplayPort on monitor)? For me it just does not work, I tried replugging checking the channel on the monitor and detect monitors, no cigar. They reckon my adapter is broken. I know that there is no sound from the Minidvi to HDMI adapter unless you use external audio cable, but with the Mini Displayport? Has anyone actually managed to make this work? I have bought a HDMI to Displayport cable on the assumption that it would just work, but it doesnt. As this is my first foray in to the displayport territory I am stumped. I am using a Dell U2412M monitor.

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