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Gun Report. Rowland/Clark Custom .460 Rowland Drop-in Conversion.The 230- grain load gave nearly 1000 foot-pounds of ME. We thought this was too much for a 1911 gun, but you might want such a setup. 460 ROWLAND Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo.I Want your valuable and proprietary load data for free.The dangers of not aging your firearm, versus the advent of High pressure steel for use with smokeless powder. I chose to use Longshot powder, which I have used successfully for both .45 ACP and . 460 Rowland loads.Reprise: Converting a Glock 21 to .460 Rowland « Ballistics by the inch on .45 Super data now published. Clays Univer. No. 5 WSF. Unique.The contents of this new issue has been revised with loading data for the following calibresThe now published new rie reloading data concentrates on expanding and revising the powder selection for existing bullets.

460 Rowland 1911 Hand Cannon: Conversion Kits, Load data, completed projects.Shot at 15-18 yards in the neck with a .460 Rowland kit from clark custom guns on my springer buildup 1911. Dropped like a sack of bricks. Bob powder to nearly equal the original black-powder load. Load data is scant on the .460 Rowland, which is why I began www.loaddata.com/articles/PDF/The 460 Roland LR.pdf View Online Down. Anyway, loading data for the Rowland load is available at.This bullet is also available powder coated and non-lubricated on the Kings site. Specific load types are designed for each unique powder actuated tool. Powers tools use cased powder loads in which the propellant is housed in a crimped metal case.

And those reloads are actually fairly mild — just 12.5gr of Longshot powder — based on what data Ive seen, I could probably push that to 13.5gr without any risk.Shooting the .460 Rowland power loads in the .45 ACP cases demonstrated this. .460 Rowland Results in fps. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber.Furthermore, the data is provided purely for entertainment purposes - to better facilitate arguments over what ammo or caliber or gun is "best." .460 Rowland reloading data with 51 loads. Using bullets from Sierra Match FMJ, Nosler JHP, Sierra JHP, XTP, Sierra, Gold Dot, Hornady FP, Oregon Trail lead roundnose, Leadhead SWC, Speer JHP. Powders include Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, Ramshot. Anyway, loading data for the Rowland load is available at.This bullet is also available powder coated and non-lubricated on the Kings site.Testing my 460 Rowland handloads - Продолжительность: 2:47 LelandERay 3 370 просмотров. Powder: The Mighty .460 Rowland Cartridge delivers true alliant load data .44 Magnum power, accuracy and range in your favorite, light-weight, easy shooting, .45 caliber auto- loading pistol. Is this done by reaming out the .45 ACP cilinder to 460 rowland or is there something else like a heat treatment?You can also use 45 super or acp data by just seating the bullet deeper for the same oal.« Unique powder | Intresting Loading Problem. » In 1996, Rowland worked with Starline Brass to finalize the physical dimensions of the cartridge, then later with Clark Custom Guns to design a conversion kit for specific versions of the 1911. First production shipments of ammunition and conversion kits were in 1998. The 460 Rowland case is 26 thoughts on Versatile Powders: W231 Load Data. Gerry Catha saysIv just switched over to Hodgdon-Longshot for my 40sw ,45auto ,and 460rowland Now if I could find a few bricks of primers. Please save your own load-, bullet-, case- and powder data from time to time to a separate backup medium.The QuickLOAD CD contains a unique identification tag which cannot be copied to identify illegal copies of the CD.460 Jurras .460 Rowland .460 Short A-Square .460 Van Horn .460 Weath. supported Saving and loading of cartridge / load data Printing of results as spreadsheet or diagram Conversion of units calculator, sight adjustment Target lead, crosswind, canting the gun460 Jurras .460 Rowland .460 SW Magnum .460 Short A-Square .460 Steyr . 460 Van Horn .460 Weath. www.johnsguesthousegoa.com » 460 rowland » 460 rowland load data. Monthly Unique Visitors: 50,070.Conversions Extras MORE INFO About Us Blog Potential Conversions Load Data Dealers FAQ VIDEOS CONTACT MY ACCOUNT CART About Us Contact 0 SHOP NOW ONLY TRUE AUTHENTIC 460 Rowland? Wolfe has data with more variety on Load Data from a several years old Handloader cover story.Caliber: .460 Rowland. Barrel length: 5 Powder: Accurate no5. Bullet weight: 185 grains. Note: If You find any Copyright Image Please Contact Us Immediately Copyright Content Report We will remove it within 24-48 hours. Warning! — be sure to: The powder charge weights listed in our data tables are maximum. If ever you are unsure of your load data, or if you detect any signs of high pressure while using load data from this Guide, stop loading or testing at once. Please discuss 460Rowland Reloading Data specifically for the AR45/Carbines in this thread. please be as specific as you can - brl length, suppressor or not, DI/blowback, how the load functions the weapon, etc. PB SR 7625. Zip. Unique Universal Cl. Power Pistol.concernant les quantits dachat et de stockage. 5. Loading data and reloading safety.Do not keep old or salvaged powders. Never start with the maximum powder load indication Never exceed the maximum powder load I was not able to find much reloading data for the .460 Rowland.I started with my .45 Automatic powder charge, which is 5.3grains of Unique (reload 1). That is a light load even for the .45 auto but I wanted to see how the pistol would function. Load data 460 rowland, the mighty 460 rowland cartridge delivers true 44 magnum power accuracy and range in your favorite light-weight easy shooting 45 caliber auto- loading pistol.460 s w magnum load data - handloads com, load data for the 460 s w magnum. Free Download Here 500 load data data.hodgdon.com 460 Rowland Load Type: Accuracy load Bullet Powder Starting loadwww.loaddata.com/articles/PDF/The 460 Roland LR.pdf View Online Down. LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN - Accurate For more information on the .460 Rowland, guns, conversions, loaded ammo, or data, readers can contact Johnny Rowland at The Shooting Show, 327 Irvin Rowland Rd Dept AH, Dubberly, LA 71024 phone (318) 377-5189. Technical Data.Magnetics Molypermalloy Powder (MPP) cores are distributed air gap toroidal cores made from a 79 nickel, 17 iron, and 4 molybdenum alloy powderOther specialty applications, such as High Q low level filters, load coils, and temperature stabilized inductors can use MPP material. The Mighty .460 Rowland Cartridge delivers true .44 Magnum power, accuracy and range in your favorite, light-weight, easy shooting, .45 caliber auto- loading pistol. These 460 Rowland velocities are with Accurate 7 and Hodgdon Longshot powder.djl4570 when Triton first introduced factory loaded .45 Super (circa 1995), there were two reduced velocity loads. The .460 Rowland will push, according to all the data Ive seen, a 230 grain bullet between 1250-1350fps.For more load data Google .460 Rowland load data.

Im sure youll find more. Hercules rifle powders included Lightning, Sharpshooter, Unique, 2400 and HiVel No. 3. Smokeless pistol powdersLOADING DATA Powder Grains. DOUGLAS 71/2" CCI 300 REM. Vel.Never exceed these loads. Never shoot .460 Rowland ammunition in any firearm not designed for its use. The brass on the .460 Rowland comes up higher on the bullet - for all I know there may be extra neck tension and so improved performance from maximum loads but at Rowland pressures I expect the powder to burn pretty well anyway. Load data for the 460 Rowland 460 Rowland, all bullet weights Bullet: Powder Weight: Powder: Velocity: OAL: Primer.- Smith Wesson Forum. A friend passed this one alonghis acquaintance was working up a . 460 Rowland load using Unique. The extra 2.5" barrel length sould give the 460 Rowland loads enough velocity to put them in the high-mid to low-high 44 Magnum ballistics territory. I ran some 45 SUPER through my new G30S and got the following All Load Data. 460 Rowland 10 mm 10mm Magnum 22 Hornet 221 fireball 223 Remington 25 ACP 257 JDJ 30 Carbine 30 Herrett 30 Luger 30 Mauser 30 REECE 30-30 WinchesterHandloads.Com neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any data. I have used Power Pistol, AA5, Unique, and Long Shot for 460 Rowland loads. I use CCI200 rifle primers.Thanks, very good information. Could someone tell same kind of data with Vihtavuori powders. The 460 Rowland case is lengthened to prevent chambering in an ACP pistol, but the loaded COAL is the same as ACP.The only real change then is powdersones that increase pressures and velocities. 460 magnum load data - handloads Load data for the 460 sw magnum.Taffin tests .460 rowland, Taffin tests the .460 rowland there are certain benchmark handguns by which all other handguns are judged. with sixguns it is the colt single action army dating from. More data and commentary by Jim Downey on Rowland and Super conversions for handguns, which is also applicable to carbines, IMOI do not intend to shoot full power 460 loads in the carbine. There isnt a whole lot of data available for the 460 yet, but Barenjager steered me to most of whats out there, and I had the three most commonly recommendedSomewhat uncharacteristically, Sheldon says its far better with hot 460 Rowland loads. Accurate Powder 460 Rowland Load Loads for 460 Rowland 460 Rowland Pistols 460 Rowland Guns 460 Rowland Handguns Georgia Arms 460 Rowland 460 Rowland Reloading Die 460 Rowland Dies 460Reloading Data .460 Rowland (Hodgdon Pistol Data) Metallic. 576 x 226 gif 17kB. Unique Powder Loading Data Alliant Powder Principal Purpose: All-around shotshell powder, 12, 16, and 20 ga. Secondary Uses: Handgun loads Remarks: The worlds most versatile reloading powder. I use unique powder so had to extrapolate a load as most data was for A/A powder. Then you have the " cha-ching " factor of the cash register. Expensive brass and bullets and it has to be hard on your 45 frame as it really goes ka-boom. LOAD DATA. Work up to these loads and if you choose to increase any of them please go very, very slowly.Note: Kimber converted to .460 Rowland. 1.250" max HP COL. Cartridge: . 460 Rowland - Guns chambered for this cartridge only.9.6. Alliant Unique. I am scared to use 7 powder after all of the kaboom stories I have seen researching the 10mm and . 460 Rowland load data. It looks like that there are 2 different burn rates for 7. The powder made in Africa appears to have a different Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester powders neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data.W (Schofield) 45 GAP (Glock Auto) 45 ACP 45 SUPER 460 Rowland 45 Colt 45 Colt (Ruger, Freedom Arms T/C only) 45 Winchester 454 Casull 455 Webley 458 Devastator 458 Maximum 1.6 inch 458-400 Express 460 Rowland 460 SW Magnum 475 Cooper 475 Linebaugh 475Rainier 155gr flat tip plated. Softer recoil than Unique.This data is for information only. I worked it up carefully in the gun listed. Use it at your own risk.Sierra Bullet,R-P Brass,Hodgdon Manual 100/95. This Powder lived up to its name on this load.

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