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Another day, another Doctor Strange casting rumor. The latest contender? None other than Benedict Cumberbatch. The news exploded today that Marvel was ready to begin negotiations with the Sherlock heartthrob. Colin Farrell as villain Bullseye in Marvels Daredevil. The Doctor Strange movie his quickly becoming a bigger enigma than the man himself as more and more actors keep jumping onto the Might be playing Stephen Strange pile. Take, for example, Marvel exec Kevin Feiges recent comments on all those Doctor Strange rumors.Its an interesting casting option, thats for sure, and Depp would be one of the biggest stars ever to grace a Marvel flick. Benedict Cumberbatch Downplays Doctor Strange Casting Rumors [Updated]. After Joaquin Phoenix exited negotiations for the title role in Marvels DOCTOR STRANGE adaptation last month, fans worried and wondered who would be chosen to take on the tricky but thrilling role. Now, Variety has released a shortlist of actors being considered to replace Phoenix We all know that Benedict Cumberbatch has snagged the role of Doctor Strange, but that doesnt mean casting rumors for the movie are over. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Marvel is circling Chiwetel Ejiofor for a role opposite Cumberbatch in the movie We already know that Kevin Feige is keen to make a Doctor Strange movie, but now, reports are surfacing of casting rumours for the neurosurgeon-turned-superhero. Today a rumour sparked that Marvel studios are wanting (500) Days of Summer and Inception star Joseph There have been a ton of rumors floating around lately about Casting choices and possible directors for a future Doctor Strange Movie. It looks like Marvel has decided to finally weigh in on it. Check out what they have to say below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! Casting rumors have been flying for the better part of the week about who will be in WBs next DC movie, Suicide Squad and on the Marvel side the talk has all been about Doctor Strange. According to The Wrap This casting is either for Morgana Blessing (friend and potential love interest for Stephen Strange), either for Clea (lover of Doctor Strange and niece of Dormammu).On the next page, casting rumor for Wonder Woman! If true, McAdams would join a cast that already has Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed for the lead role, Tilda Swinton rumored to be The Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor rumored to be playing the villain Baron Mordo. DOCTOR STRANGE releases on November 4, 2016. Rachel McAdams has been offered to play the female lead role in a forthcoming Marvel movie project, " Doctor Strange," rumor has it.Angelina Jolie Hits Back At Her Critics For Using Exploitative Casting Methods For Her New Film. Well still classify this as a rumor however, Hawke fits a lot of the proper criteria. Hes worked with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson previously on the horror movie Sinister and hes not too expensive, which is key for the budget-conscious Marvel Studios.

We all have our heroes, and Doctor Strange is definitely one of the more interesting things. Its worth noting that actors typically rumored for a Marvel role will play coy prior to Marvel announcing it themselves, and Mikkelsen could be doing just that, especially as this potential casting came from a Oscar breaks down the latest hot rumor — specifically that Doctor Strange (2016) has completed casting! While this is still a rumor, some of these picks sound fantastic. Also, an interesting With Joaquin Phoenix reportedly dropping out of negotiations to play Doctor Strange in Marvels upcoming film adaptation, the rumor mill has gone back on track and started pumping out new names that might get to play the on-again, off-again sorcerer supreme. Doctor Strange Casting Rumor.

Posted by Dan Wickline August 27, 2014 Comment.Besides the constant false reports about this role my other hesitation about this news is that I see Doctor Strange as being the next Iron Man. Speaking with MTV News, at Comic-Con Cumberbatch slyly hinted that the rumors about his Doctor Strange casting arent entirely unfounded. As far as Im aware, even if it could work out, Im doing a little play called Hamlet in London, says Cumberbatch. Dr. Strange Casting Rumors Aug. 2nd, 2014 Meet the Movie Press.The Doctor Strange Casting Controversy Just Got Worse? AMC Movie News. Dr Strange Rumors Are In. Home Movie News Dr. Strange casting Rumors, Batman V Superman pics, The Equalizer and MazeTotal rumor mill time here, but word is Joaquin Phoenix is nearly a done deal to play Dr. Strange. Okay, these Doctor Strange casting rumors have got to stop.Forget about the fact that the last casting rumor was debunked by saying that they were completely overhauling the script. Or that the earliest the film will arrive will be in two and a half years. Doctor Strange: Rumor has it that Morgan Freeman, Bill Nighy and Ken Watanabe have been "approached" for a key role in Marvels Doctor Strange, due for release on November 4, 2016. Whoever is cast will play the Ancient One. Marvel "Doctor Strange" movie is moving forward despite rumored cast Joaquin Phoenix reportedly dropping out of negotiations to play the titular role according to Movie Pilot.As the rumors start to spark about Reeves possible involvement in the film he has this to say Hello, this Daniel Mart, and today I will be discussing the fact that Johnny Depp has given his thoughts on the Doctor Strange rumor!!! The rumor has arisen Earlier this week, Variety published a shortlist of actors for the titular role in the upcoming Doctor Strange film from Marvel Studios. While the film is not scheduled to be released until 2016, casting rumors have been milling around for almost three years Click to continue reading Doctor Strange Casting Rumors Begin Mads Mikkelsen A Candidate?One Rumored Leia Scene Is Definitely Not Happening in Star Wars 8 (From MovieWeb. 21 September 2017, 6:29 PM, PDT). According to these rumors actors in contention for the part include Bill Nighy, Morgan Freeman, and Ken Watanabe. Since Benedict Cumberbatch has already been announced as Doctor Strange the film is shaping up to have an all-star cast if these rumors prove accurate. Benedict Cumberbatch has dismissed rumors he has been cast as the titular role in the upcoming Marvel film Doctor Strange. Through our portal you can find the most popular Tags for a keyword Doctor Strange Casting.Over the years, a lot of big names have been rumored for various parts in the MCU and Marvel would often go after an actor or actress who they deem appropriate for a certain role. View 19 Best doctor strange casting rumors images.Doctor Strange Rumor Has it. Source Abuse Report. Strange Casting Rumors . art, captain america, casting, Doctor Strange, Dr Strange, Dr. Strange, Marvel, movie, news, rumors, Speculation, Stephen Strange, villains, Villian.Prince of Orphans - Marvel Martial Artist. Argument for casting Ronda Rousey in a Super Hero Has Doctor Strange found its female lead? Rumor has it the studio has offered Rachel McAdams the starring role opposite of Benedict Cumberbatch in the highly anticipated Marvel film, which is slated for a Nov. 4, 2016 release. However, no official casting announcement regarding McAdams character Hes also probably going to be a part of the presentation for his role as Smaug in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Yet, given that this is a comic book convention, rumors are flying about his attachment to the upcoming Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. The process of reporting casting rumors is an odd one, and its taken quite a turn in the last 48 hours with Marvels Doctor Strange, a film to which noted news and rumor site Latino Review attached Johnny Depp earlier this week As weve mentioned her before on TG, Doctor Strange has to be the most awaited big screen adaptation of a Marvel character since Spider-Man, and Benedict Cumberbatch is officially on in the title role. Cumberbatch or Hardy? Why not both? Doctor Strange vs Dormammu. Rumor has it that Marvel is seeking out Sherlocks Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme, as well as considering the possibility of Tom Hardy in the role. 795 Views Share: Report. Doctor Strange: Making the Cast (Maybe Spoilers). Person list created by Gaby.I recently hear this rumor about Rachel McAdams being cast for the leading female rol I just went all nuts!! Were already getting casting rumors for Star Wars Episode VIII. Chris Pine has been offered not one, but two DC roles. Henry Cavill thinks theres a future for Superman-only Man of Steel sequels.Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange casting rumors indicate Marvel is looking to Iron Man 2 screenwriter to handle the lead role of Dr. Strange. Considering Therouxs past relationship with Marvel Studios, this would not end up as a shock if it were to end up as truth. HomeEntertainment NewsRumor: Doctor Strange has been cast!Share 0. If ThisIsInfamous is to believed it would appear as if Marvel has found its Doctor Strange. The report comes on the heels of this weeks rumor that Ewan McGregor may also be up for the Strange role.However, The Wraps Doctor Strange casting roundup initially also still named Joaquin Phoenix as a frontrunner, despite talks breaking down between Phoenix and Marvel earlier Doctor Strange. Since its going to be a hot minute before we hear anything about the fate of a potential young Obi-Wan Star Wars spin-off film, it makes sense that EwanThe latest rumor is that Marvel is eyeing McGregor to don the red cape for the lead role in Scott Derricksons Doctor Strange. Deadline reports Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Doctor Strange in an upcoming Marvel movie.Cumberbatch has been among rumored actors to play the role since at least Octo 2016 films Arizona Boardwalk Empire casting news Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Movie Josh Boone Kevin Feige Marvel Studios Matthew McConaughey Movie News Phase Three Marvel Films Phoenix The Stand The Stand movie Warner Bros. View 19 Best doctor strange casting rumors images.Doctor Strange Rumor Has it. Source Abuse Report. Strange Casting Rumors . Marvel Studios was hoping to cast Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange for their Phase Three adventure, with the actor in talks for the title role since July. However, he ultimately passed on the role earlier this month Today were getting casting rumors. Expect that to be going on for a while.In addition, theyre reporting that Ryan Gosling, who is also meeting about Suicide Squad, is talking to Marvel about the lead role in Marvels Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios was hoping to cast Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange for their Phase Three adventure, with the actor in talks for the title role since July.When the interviewer said he would be perfect for Dr. Stephen Strange, the actor had this to say. The Notebook star seemed to confirm that she would be involved in Marvels upcoming movie, implying that shes in early talks with the studio.

While its highly-anticipated movie "Ant-Man" is currently in theaters Doctor Strange Cast List. Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange Initially a gifted surgeon, he finds himself searching for new meaning after being severely injured in a car accident.Casting. Interviews. Best/Worst Lists. Rumors.

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