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Airbus A330 on eurooppalaisen Airbusin kehittm keskipitkn ja pitkn matkan kaksimoottorinen laajarunkolentokone. Koneeseen mahtuu mallista ja sisustuksesta riippuen tyypillisesti 200- 300 matkustajaa, tilauslentoliikenteess jopa 440 matkustajaa. Air Canada Airbus A330 300 333 Seats Flickr PhotoAirbus A330 300 Lufthansa For Gta San AndreasCabina Interior Airbus A330 Avianca Reg N948ac Airbus A330-300. (3 Cabin). First.The new A330 aircraft will be delivered over the next two years enabling the long haul airline to take more passengers to key markets including US East Coast, East and West Africa, the Middle East and India. A China Airlines Airbus Industrie A330 300 lands at Sydney.With the advent of the Boeing 787 and the Air A350 XWB however, the goal posts have been moved with new technology allowing for dramatic operating cost savings. Airbus A330-300 pictures, specifications, cabin configuration. Airbus A 330-300 reviews and traveller comments.See more Airbus A330-300 pictures. List of aircraft operators. Included in this package you will find the Airbus House scheme (With and without SATCOM), Air Canada, Cathay Pacific and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS - with SATCOM) liveries.The A330-300 will be replaced in the Airbus lineup by the A350-900 XWB, currently predicted to fly in 2011. Far rear is the Flap lever (Right) and Spoiler (air-brakes) with arm (left) (however it it does not note the spoliers are armed on the display?) Park brake and another MCDU (dummy) and Rudder trim completes the rear.

Airbus A330-300. Airbus A330-300. classes.key2. Enjoy the sleek beauty of a relaxed flight. Come on-board the brand new China Airlines A330-300 to experience the new generation of sleek cabin craftsmanship! This model Airbus A330-300, part of the classic Aeroflot livery, is made of a silver-coloured composite resin and is fixed to a metal stand. The Airbus A330-300 is a wide-body, long-haul airliner — the basic and largest model in the A330 family. An Airbus A330-300, the first and most common variant, of Turkish Airlines, the largest A330 operator.In the mid-1970s Airbus began development of the A300B9, a larger derivative of the A300, which would eventually become the A330. Airbus A330-321. HS-TEA.

Thai Airways International.Airbus A330-301. AP-BKL. Shaheen Air. Airbus A330 has a low level of noise in the cabin. Plane construction is designed in such a way to provide to passenger as much as possible personal space. Passengers seats cabin configuration of Airbus A330-300 EI-FBU. A330 Central Maintenance System. AIRBUS. A330 Flight deck and systems. briefing for pilots.- 25 minutes on the A330-300 or 35 minutes if the left wing refueling point is not installed. An isolation valve is provided between couplings and the refueling gallery. Air Canada Airbus A330 300 333 Seats Flickr PhotoAirbus A330 300 Lufthansa For Gta San AndreasCabina Interior Airbus A330 Avianca Reg N948ac The twin-engine Airbus A330-300 entered service in 1994. It can transport 295 passengers in a three-class cabin layout or 335 in a two-class configuration over a range of 10,400 kilometers (5,600 nautical miles). Nothing too special. Just a cabin walk of this Airbus A330-300 by Delta Airlines. I enjoy walking up and down the aisles of large aircraft. Makes for some Upload your photos. Photo use. Airbus A330-300. A ircraftDetails. Manufacturer Model. Airbus A330-343. A ircraftO peratingW eights. Maximum Take-Off Weight The Airbus A330-300 is a two-engine, long-haul jet with up to 236 comfortable seats distributed in various configurations throughout First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Airbus A330-343. VP-BDD. Aeroflot - Russian Airlines. Airbus Industrie A330-300 - A333 All about Airbus Industrie A330-300, the aircraft made by Airbus with IATA type designator 333, ICAO code A333.Delta Air Lines. The Airbus A330 is a medium- to long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus. Versions of the A330 have a range of 5,000 to 13,430 kilometres (2,700 to 7,250 nmi 3,110 to 8,350 mi) and can accommodate up to 335 passengers in a two-class layout or carry 70 tonnes (154,000 lb) Airbus A330 at a Glance. Role. Widebody Jetliner.Takeoff run at MTOW. 2,220 metres (7,300 ft). The Air Transat fleet includes the Airbus A330-300.Airbus A330-300. photo.PromoGuid.ToString(). We are getting close to have all major airliners by Boeing and Airbus in GTA V. This time the fleet is extended by the Airbus A330-300. This mod includes 13 4k livery textures for a great range of variety. Ot- her Reviews by me: CLS A330/A340 X Just Flights World Airports X Aerosoft Ayers Rock X REX4 Overdrive X Flytampa Maarten X Flytampa Hong Kong X. Cls - airbus A330-200/300 and A340-200/300. Sales of the Airbus A330-300 jetliners will appeal to big air companies capable of flight operations connecting the following city pairs: London- Tokyo, Frankfurt Capetown, Peking Melbourne, Peking - San Francisco, Kuala-Lumpur-Paris, Los Angeles Dublin. Airbus A330-300HW. The twin-engined A330 design combined the fuselage cross-secon of the A300 and A310 with the y-by-wire technology of the A320 narrowbody family. This Airbus A330-300 (333) seats 293 passengers and is primarily used on International routes. This next-generation aircraft features 34 flat-bed Delta One seats, 40 Delta Comfort seats, and 219 Economy seats. The seats in this version of Airbus A330-300 are divided into three classes. First class has 8 flat bed seats located in two rows per 4 seats in each. The seats of the 1st row have no floor storage during take-off and landing.lounge at IST, it was time to complete my itinerary with a trip on the other wide-body jet Turkish operates on flights to and from the US, the Airbus.Cabin and Seat. Compared to Turkishs 777, the business-class cabin is far smaller on the A330-300, with just 28 lie-flat seats, 21 fewer than on the Здравствуйте в fsx установил airbus a330 при загрузке в аэропорту 3d кабина прозрачная отображает только 2d, подскажите пожалуйста как это можно исправит Included in this package you will find the Airbus House scheme (With and without SATCOM), Air Canada, Cathay Pacific and AIRBUS A330-300 HISTORY The Airbus A330 is a large-capacity, wide-body, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner manufactured by Airbus. В конструкции самолета использовали удлиненный фюзеляж более ранней модели - Airbus A300 и кабину самолета A320. Параллелльно с A330-300 также был разработан 4-двигательный аналог для более протяженных маршрутов - Airbus A340-300. Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 300 1 4.5 of 5 based on 28 user ratings.In general the Economy Class seats on the A330-300 are of good quality. If you find them hard you can always ask the FA to give you an extra blanket or cushion. Airbus A330-300. Galley, aisle, seat and window all details in a pin-sharp 360 view.Airbus A330-300. The A330 is a two-engine sister of the four-engine A340 and one of the worlds most reliable commercial aircraft. The Airbus A330 is a large-capacity, wide-body, twin-engine, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner. It was developed at the same time as the four-engined Airbus A340. Airbus intended the A330 to compete directly in the ETOPS My Trips. Airbus A330-300.The Economy cabin in our A330 aircraft is fitted with Recaro seats ensuring a 31" pitch. More details on the range of seat types available for purchase or upgrading your seat selection can be found in our seats and cabin section. Airbus A330-300. by 73.9k ForeverPie 1.7 years ago. Download Download Download.Im BAAAAAAAAACK! This plane is basically my celebration of me getting my new model A330. I should have a video of it on youtube soon. This aircraft package is now rembrandt compatible! (Simply checkout the rembrandt branch from the git repository to get it). The Airbus A330-300 series project consists of the Airbus A330-303 (A330-300 with General Electric CF6-80E1 Engines), Airbus A330-323 The Airbus A330-300 is a two-engined medium-to-long-range widebody airliner with a capacity of maximum 440 passengers produced by the European manufacturer Airbus S.A.SAirbus A330-322 Air Berlin Reg.: D-AERK c/n: 120. [Dsseldorf International (EDDL / DUS)]. This is the Airbus A330-300 by Thomas Ruth textured in Delta livery, registration N808NW. You will need the base pack entitled "" which can be downloaded at flightsim or on simviation. versus. Select aircraft Arospatiale/BAe Concorde Airbus A300-600 Airbus A310-300 Airbus A318 Airbus A319 Airbus A319neo Airbus A320-200 Airbus A320neo Airbus A321-200Passanger capacity in standard 3-class layout for widebodies and 2-class for narrowbodies (including A 300, A310).of aircraft 8 Number of seats 266 Max. takeoff weight 233 tonnes Max. load 44.0 tonnes Length 63.7 m Wingspan 60.3 m Cruising speed 875 km/h/545 mph Range 10,100 km Fuel consumption 0.033 l/seat km Engine RR trent772B AirbusHome About SAS Fleet Airbus A330-300 and A340-300. AIRBUS AIRCRAFT 2017 AVERAGE LIST PRICES (USD millions).Phone: 33 (0)5 61 93 10 00 Email: Web: Follow us on twitter: Airbus. KLM Airbus A330-300 Takeoff Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Aviation NLNZ. 2:09.KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Airbus A330-300 (PH-AKB) takeoff from AMS/EHAM (Schiphol) RWY 36L. BlueStar167. 0:41. Royal Thai Air Force Airbus A310-300. Bangkok Airways Airbus A320-200 Special liveries Nils.American Airlines Airbus A330-300. By Juergen in American Airlines, North America. AIRBUS A330-200 (332).

aircraft details. Seat map. Airbus A330-300. World Business Class. Economy Comfort zone.Airbus A330-300 facts. Wingspan: 60.30 m. Singapore Airlines has ordered 18 of these Airbus A330-300 widebodied aircraft, primarily for expansion of regional routes. Business Class features angled flat sleeper seats, and all seats are equipped with AVOD (Audio Video On Demand)

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