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Make JavaScript readonly propertys writable (example for overwriting navigator.userAgent useful for unit tests -> browser detection). laxman2021/Onkeypress event Javascript spacekey event Validation for (Integers, Spaces) Textbox.( By: Suresh Dasari Nov 4, 2010. Categories: , Javascript.editable in textbox and how to know position of cursor in textbox and how to disable delete and BackSpace buttons in keyboard using JavaScript.. Make ReadOnly Textbox Non-Selectable. I have a form with a textbox that has an attribute of read-only.Use inline onkeydown"return false" attribute or if you want a javascript solution (someId).keydown(function(e) e.preventDefault() return false Ive a textbox with readonly"readonly" that means I can not edit it.Cut and paste one line of code to make any website editable. javascript: document Anyway, my question is- how do you make only the current line editable and the rest read-only?The textbox would check for the enter key in one of the key-press events, and the control itself would have events that could be handled by the parent control. Hello there how to make textbox readonly tq.Sub Text1Keypress (KeyAscii as Integer) KeyAscii 0 End Sub. Brian Programming: VB5 Pro (SP3) - QBasic 1.1,4.5 Internet: HTML 4, CSS, JavaScript Visit! Hi, I have a readOnly textbox. I want to be able to double click it to make it editable?. Ive got it basically working - but I discovered that javascripts control.disabled true still allows the user to type in the textbox. So Ive moved on to control.

readOnly (in addition to disabled) - that seems to give the result IHow to make exported .XLS file Editable Thid code makes .XLS File Read Only.