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Funny Owner Lamborghini Aventador On FIRE - Dubai 7/9/2015.I film this Lamborghini Aventador SV in front of one of the best car dealers or Dubai. A few days after, victoria.vikki uploaded a video and two photos of the A video of a Lamborgini Aventador SV on FIRE in Dubai.Lamborghini Aventador SV catches fire in of a yellow Lamborghini Aventador SV came to learn recently in Dubai. fault for abusing the supercar? When youre in Dubai, driving a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster will not help you stand out from the crowd.Sadly, the fire destroyed it completely before firefighters arrived at the scene. Lamborghini Aventador Rent Dubai. Built in Italy. Just arrived from the future. Lamborghini has a history of revolutionary thinking. Whether in terms of design, like the iconic scissor doors. Or in terms of technology such as the V12 engine and carbon-fiber technology. Last month, we caught the first glimpse of what was probably the worlds first Lamborghini Aventador Roadster fire in Dubai from cell phone shots and a faraway video. Now, we have a much better look at how this went down, and it aint pretty. Lamborghini aventador catches fire in dubai [w/video] a beautiful yellow lamborghini aventador lp7204 roadster 50th anniversario became ashes after being totally consumed by fire in an incident occurred in dubai Burning Lamborghini AVENTADOR SV in Dubai. So sad to see this up in flames :( Credits to the owner of the video.One Aventador firing out flames is cool, but two is just EPIC! Two of Lamborghinis V12 beasts were in London together visiting Harrods when they Watch: Video of Dhs1.65 million Lamborghini Aventador on fire in Dubai Marina goes viral. Aventador catches on fire while spitting flames. A Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai caught fire when the driver was revving it and the flames caught the back end. Victoria Vikki. Lamborghini aventador catches fire in london!!! Bad scenes today, the trademark Aventador flames unfortunately took a turn for the worse when the car randomly caught fire.October 5th, 2017: Lamborghini Aventador Flame Throwing in Dubai Catches on Fire! Search Result for Lamborghini Aventador LP Flame Throwing In Dubai Catches On Fire 2017!Lamborghini Aventador in DUBAI (Acceleration, Tunnel, Flames). A beautiful yellow Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster 50th Anniversario became ashes after being totally consumed by fire in an incident occurred in Dubai.

According to some websites, such as autoevolution — where Ive found this news — and the videos below Lamborghini Engine Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Custom Lamborghini Lamborghini Interior Ferrari Lamborghini Photos Blue Lamborghini Fast Sports Cars Fast Cars.What happens when 12 Lambos spit fire in one Dubai car park? An unnamed Russian tourist filmed the moment, which happened outside Dubais luxury Al Qasar Hotel, on his mobile phone and posted it to his Instagram page.Lamborghini aventador catches fire in london! So even though we feel bad seeing this yellow Lamborghini on fire, it is being dealt a form of justice.The Aventador is engaged in street racing shenanigans with a Ferrari 458. The pair own the roads of the Dubai Marina, spreading V8 and V12 sounds everywhere they go. Last month, a brand new Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario Roadster caught fire and was burnt to the ground in Dubai. At the time, it was unclear just how the blaze started but now a vide Rent a powerful, daring and delightful Lamborghini in Dubai on favorable terms. We offer a choice of two popular models: Aventador and Huracan from Lamborghini. Aggressive control and instant acceleration are two distinctive features of this car.

The exact cause of why a Lamborghini Aventador went up in flames a few weeks ago in Dubai is still unknown. There are many speculations from different groups within the auto industry. One of the more popular possible causes is an overheating V12. Download Lamborghini Aventador SV Catches Fire In Dubai Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Car-lovers look away now. This video from yesterday shows the brief moments before a limited edition Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversario Roadster which has a base price tag of 548,000 is completely engulfed in flame on a Dubai Marina road. October 5th, 2015: Lamborghini Aventador Flame Throwing in Dubai Catches on Fire! Also, Tron Fire in London!BUT, what you may not have seen is this new video of an aventador in Dubai revving its engine and catching fire. 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Price. Admin January 6, 2015 Lamborghini.2016 Lamborghini Aventador Price 2016 Lamborghini Aventador has additional efficient electrical power to supply for throughout the world market. Watch as a Lamborghini supercar is reduced to ashes by engine fire in Dubai Yellow supercar went up in flames outside the luxury Al Qasr Hotel Dozens of fire . NorlyNews - Lamborghini Aventador Supercar is Reduced to Ashes by Engine Fire in Dubai.(2015/5/19) Lamborghini Aventador On Fire in Dubai!This is the unfortunate moment of impact between a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and two other cars on Sloane Street in Londons Knightsbridge. In dubai a Lamborghini caught on fire in the middle of street other cars included Ferrari 458 Italia, and corvette. Hire and Fire - Driving the Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai.Lamborghini Aventador Full Day Hire Dubai. The guy in the polo shirt and Ray-Bans smiled knowingly at me and now The Bull is all yours he said as he pressed the proximity key into my hand. Our Facebook feed has been buzzing with this amazing footage of a Lamborghini Aventador SV in Dubai. Looks like couple of friends were having some fun driving around the Jumaira Beach area of Dubai when the Aventador SV catches fire. As spotting a Lamborghini isnt a rare sight in Dubai, watching itHere, the owner of this burning yellow Lamborghini Aventador has a different story to tell.Giving his best shot of the life, this young rich owner was spotted dousing off the flame with a fire-extinguisher, but certainly the flames gripped Lamborghini Aventador in dubai caught fire (full- Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Burns to a CrispLamborghini Aventador SV before burning in Dubai-. Pushing my Lamborghini Aventador to the limits !- Lamborghini Aventador SV BRULE au FEU Duba October 5th, 2017: Lamborghini Aventador Flame Throwing in Dubai Catches on Fire! Also, Tron Fire in London! So we all love to see lamborghini aventadors on youtube, revving their enginesSkydive Dubai moi nhat, video clip Lamborghini Aventador огонь из выхлопа, Skydive Dubai chat luong full hd moi nhat, Clip Lamborghini15:30Самый громкий выхлоп Омск 25.05.

2013. 2:21HD - lamborghini aventador catches fire in london!!! (Full Footage) 1/11/14. A Lamborghini Aventador was completely destroyed after a fire emerged for reasons unknown at this point.This is exactly what happened to an Aventador LP700-4 which spontaneously combusted on a road located near Al Qasr Hotel in Dubai. A Dubai mans Lamborghini caught fire after excessive revving.We help you find the best purchase deal available for a Lamborghini Aventador. Tell us about yourself and our concierge service will assist you in finding your next new car. A detailed YouTube video has emerged online showing how Lamborghini Aventador Roadster got into fire somewhere on the street of DubaiA yellow Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversario caught fire in Dubai. Reports out of Dubai mean this could very well be the first Lamborghini Aventador SV on fire on the planet. It happened on a stretch of the Dubai Marina and apparently started in the engine before gobbling up the rest of the supercar. Also see: Lamborghini Aventador catches fire in Japan. A yellow Lamborghi Aventador SV was travelling along the Dubai Marina when the fire broke out. There are also reports of the findings of an initial investigation into what caused the inferno. A Lamborghini Aventador on the roads of Dubai roars his engines waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, when suddenly fire comesOctober 5th, 2017: Lamborghini Aventador Flame Throwing in Dubai Catches on Fire! A yellow Lamborghini Aventador has been burnt down to its shell after catching fire on a highway in Dubai. The exact cause of the fire remains unclear but it is believed that the Italian supercars 6.5-litre V12 engine unexpectedly caught fire when driving. Justin Bieber - Lamborghini Aventador 6 Tickets in Dubai-Trouble with the Law in LA "Check It Out".mp3.FAST DOWNLOAD. Nassers Customized Purple Lamborghini Aventador leaves Knightsbridge.mp3. The owner of this Lamborghini Aventador was driving normally on the streets. For some reason, he decided to let people know he is present in traffic and starts revving the engine up.Video Of The Day: Lamborghini Aventador Puts On Fire Show In Dubai! October 16, 2015 Apparently, revving your Italian exotic at a red light can be a very bad idea, as the driver of a yellow Lamborghini Aventador SV came to learn recently in Dubai. The Italian supercar, which is limited to just 600 units worldwide, caught fire whilst being revved What you are about to witness in this video is one heartbreaking scene showcasing a very expensive car being swallowed, gutted and engulfed in flames. No further details were mentioned but according to the video description the accident was probably due to a suspected engine fault. A Lamborghini Aventador on the roads of Dubai roars his engines waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, when suddenly fire comes out of the exhaust. The Lamborghini Aventador SV is a special edition of the standard Aventador which is limited to just 600 examples.Tags:aventador aventador sv fire dubai fire lamborghini sv. Most of you will remember that a Dhs1,400,000 Lamborghini Aventador burst into flames in Dubai Marina last month (and many of you willA passenger in a nearby car tries to shout to the driver that his car is on fire, but with all the intense supercar engine noise (theres also a Ferrari in front of him Latest Quick Reviews. Auto Events. Dubai Motor Show.Fascinating buyers to the tune of 750 hp and 690 Nm of torque, the Lamborghini Aventador is a potent coupe that packs in a whole lot of show to match its go. Lamborghini Aventador LP700 This is an aggressive design, innovative technology and an ineffable driving experience.One of the best works of engineers in Italy is available for hire at Dubai Number One Car Rental! 09/10/2015 Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai catches fire while showing off its awesome exhaust note. In our video of the day watch a Lamborghini Aventador A video of a Lamborgini Aventador SV on FIRE in Dubai Another standard Lamborghini Aventador caught fire in Dubai not too long ago. The incident happened in May after the owner was proably revving the car for some flame display as this happened before. Dubicars > Used cars for sale in Dubai > Lamborghini >.AED 1,690,000 for this Automatic Lamborghini Aventador with 19 inch wheels, cruise control, spoiler, black interior, grey/silver exterior.

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